Deck 8b and 9b - Colliding Paths - Explosion

Posted Oct. 2, 2022, 2:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Savel (Scientist/Pilot) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) in Deck 8b and 9b - Colliding Paths - Explosion

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Deck 8b and 9b - Colliding Paths - Explosion
BOOM! The red alert klaxons began to blare as the ship shook knocked loose equipment and items around on tables or off. Patients and medical staff in secondary sickbay on deck 12, grabbed the nearest thing to steady themselves. Alexis scanned the room, what… =/\=GALEN what was that and where?=/\=

=/\=EXPLOSION DETECTED DECK 8B AND 9B SHUTTLEBAY=/\= came GALEN’s calm and precise voice.

Alexis glanced at the head nurse for secondary sickbay. “Coordinate here, and go prep triage on deck 14.” She looked at the rest, “Emergency teams go.” The other half of those decks was the science labs (and that was a nightmare in equipment and chemicals if something happened) and the Arboretum, which was a high traffic area. She couldn’t think about the fact Kane and Frigga were in both those areas right now. That would be later.

=/\=GALEN what is the status of the science labs and arboretum? Are there any hull breaches?=/\=

Alexis didn’t wait for a response, GALEN would respond while she was moving. She slapped her combadge, =/\=Emergency Response Teams report to Deck 9b shuttle bay.
Emergency Response Teams report to Deck 9b shuttle bay.=/\= She grabbed a emergency medical kit and joined the rest of the team taking a lift up to deck 9. They were on the engineering hull and would, hopefully have the easiest time accessing the shuttle bay. The lift took off and she issued reminders of procedures to those in the lift as they waited to arrive.

Into the subvocal earpiece, “Kane? Are you all okay?”

Bonner, AMO

“Yep.” was all she got as a reply, but that was normal. In lab, though, things were not normal.

Kane stepped out of his office and yelled across the labs “Secure all volatile materials and cease all experiments right now! I want three techs with science field kits outside this door in sixty seconds! Bollinger! Lock down anything and everything and start a full inventory! Of we are missing anything, and I mean anything, you make sure I know.” He tapped his commbadge as the Science team scrambled into action. =/\= GALEN, area of incident!=/\= The AI responded. =/\= Decks 8 and 9 B. =/\= Kane went i to his office and branded a black bag from under his desk. =/\= GALEN, emergency point-to-point transport to nearest unoccupied space near the explosion. Authorization Kane Sigma Delta Nine Seven Seven. =/\=

Kane, CSO / R&D

As ordered, Savel stopped what he was doing and quickly jogged toward the lab’s storage room to take the said science kit. As usual, the Vulcan remained unexpressive and calm, his training in emergency response was part of Vulcan’s education to control emotions, and before the given time was done, Savel was waiting for Kane outside the labs near the door, steady as a statue.

Lieutenant Savel

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