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Posted by Lieutenant Savel (Scientist/Pilot) in =^=Almikaz reaches out to Savel=^= [Tag Savel]

Posted by Lieutenant Surra Almikaz (Chief of Psychiatry) in =^=Almikaz reaches out to Savel=^= [Tag Savel]
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Surra arrived in the lounge at the end of her shift and went straight to the bar, “Vulcan Brandy.” she said to the bartender as she gently tapped the bar. While waiting on her drink she tapped her comm badge, =^=Almikaz to Savel. Are you around? Care to join me in the lounge for a chat?=^=

Almikaz, CoP
Savel was meditating in his room, reciting Surak’s teaching in his head when his combadge ringed. He slowly opened his eyes, grabbed the piece of metal, and said : =^=Understood, Doctor. I’ll be here in a moment. =^= Changing his casual clothes for his uniform, he stepped out of his room and proceeded toward the lounge.

The lounge was still quiet, with some little chatting from a table. At the bar was Almikaz, sitting here and probably waiting for him. He slowly approached her and stopped next to her, his arms crossed in his back : “I believe you asked for me, Doctor ?”

Lieutenant Savel

Surra turned to face the man with her drink in her hand. “Ah! You made it. Thank you for meeting me here. Are you okay at the bar or should we find a table?”

“The bar will be good”, said the Vulcan. He saw that Almikaz asked for a Vulcan Brandy, and he asked for one too.
“I remember you offering your ear if I ever needed someone to talk to. Well, guess what. I need someone to talk to. So I hope you are not opposed to joining me for a chat. I could really use some genuine Vulcan logic and guidance. You are going to understand why when I get started.”

Almikaz, CoP
Drinking a bit of his brandy, he said : “I did promise it to you, Doctor. Please, I’m all ears”

Lieutenant Savel

She was glad Savel ordered a drink, because it would have been awkward if she was the only one drinking. “I hope that whatever we talk about will stay between us. I am not in the habit of airing my grievances, only listening to others tell me theirs.”
She took a sip of her drink and there was a thoughtful expression on her face. “Last week I had a patient enter my office. He was rude, condescending, and he basically told me I suck at my job.”
She laughed and shook her head. “That is not bothered me. What got to me is that how angry I got. I actually considered using a phaser on him, dragging him into the airlock and… well.”
She put her face in both her hands for a moment then said, “I know those were not rational thoughts and as a psychiatrist I am disturbed by them. I can’t help but.... I feel I am forgetting everything my father taught me about logic and reasoning. It is what I have based my career as a psychiatrist on. The memory of him is slipping from me and it scares me because I essentially have no memory of my mother. She died when I was very young. If that happens then I feel like I am going to lose a very important piece of myself and I won’t know who I am anymore.”

Almikaz, CoP
Savel listened carefully at her before putting a hand on her shoulder. “You do not have to blame yourself. From what I experienced with you, I can tell you that this patient was wrong. He may sound like he was right, but only because you were in a troubled state. And you are still human, more than you are a psychiatrist. It is normal for you to act like one in time of trouble.”
Savel took a sip of his drink before continuing : “As for your parents… I can understand your distress, even if I don’t have any solution for you.
“If this can help, I had a… an acquaintance at the Academy who had the same problem as you had. To end his sorrow, he told me that he thought of good moments he had with the person rather than the person himself, and that the latter will come naturally.”

Lieutenant Savel

She nodded, “The good memories of my father does help me. And thank you for being understanding about the patient.” She looked around and leaned as she said, “It was Kane. The patient.” She shook her head and said, “I do not know how you deal with him. The man has an impossible personality.” She took a long sip of her drink.

Almikaz, CoP
Savel raised his sloping eyebrows and said : “I must take your side on this point. It was quite a surprise to realize he was my superior.”

She looked at him and smiled, “Good to know.” Then she tapped the bar to signal to the bartender to bring her another drink. She looked at Savel’s drink and then said, “One for my friend there too. Same thing we are currently drinking.” She motioned her head toward him.

He took a pause to drink his brandy, which was almost finished and said : “But from what I heard and gathered, he might not be what he looks like. Maybe if you are patient, he might reveal himself the more he gets to know you.”

Lieutenant Savel

She scoffed and said, “I doubt it. That man hates me and he has no reason to. The thing is that his evaluations are mandatory so I have no choice but to see him. I can’t put this off on the other psychiatrists. Not like they can’t handle it, it just wouldn’t be fair to them.” The bartender brought their drinks, Surra slid Savel’s new drink over to him. “I guess that is part of my job, huh? Taking on difficult patients. What does Vulcan logic say about wanting to… make someone disappear she joked as she sipped her drink.”

Almikaz, CoP
Savel tilted his head : “A solution I have often seen in different cultures would be a duel, a battle till death to settle the conflict once and for all. It would be a legal way to definitely dispose of somebody. But I doubt it would go along Starfleet regulations.”

Lieutenant Savel

“You are right…if only. Do you think I would beat him in a duel?” She asked out of curiosity to see how he was going to respond. “You can’t tell him I spoke to you about him. I know I didn’t reveal any personal information about him but honestly talking to one of his officers… he may not like the idea of it. The last thing I want is him storming in my office in a rage.” She shivered at the thought.

Almikaz, CoP
“If so, he’ll have to go through me.” The Vulcan took his new brandy and watched it for a moment. “You are one of the people I would consider as a friend, Counselor, and as much as I hate to oppose myself to my superior, I won’t let him trouble you any longer.”
“Plus, I believe you asked me about Kane to help him as much as it helped you. You were merely asking for advice and information from people he knows to better know him, which I believe is a part of your job.”

The Vulcan took a sip of his drink and continued : “Just for you to know, if you ever need my help on this problem, you can always count on me. Especially about Kane.”

Lieutenant Savel

Surra smiled, “l know I can and I am glad that you are my friend. There is no way I could have brought this situation to anyone else and had gotten the same understanding you provided.” She turned to face him directly. “The same goes for you. I do not want him giving you a hard time either, so you should let me know if he does. Have you ever considered a career in Counseling, Savel? I think you would be good at it. Although that may mean that you would not get to pilot the ship as often as you do now.”

Almikaz, CoP

Savel nodded and said : “I thank you for the proposition, counselor, but I don’t think a Vulcan counselor has ever been mentioned. People might have a hard time confessing to me, as I understand humans find our self-control as a cold and distant demeanor. And as you said, I won’t be able to pilot as much as I do.”

Realizing he might be acting the distant way he just mention, he added : “But it was nice of you to enquire about my career, counselor.”

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