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Posted Oct. 30, 2022, 10:55 p.m. by Lieutenant V'alura Belmont (Scientist on Medical Leave) (Abigail G)

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Posted by Lieutenant V’alura Belmont (Scientist on Medical Leave) in Side Sim - The Dramatic Patient [Tag Bonner]
V’alura was going to report to sickbay for her medical examination. Honest to god, cross her heart and hope to die, swear on her dearly departed grandmother’s grave she was. She spent almost two hours doing her make-up and getting her hair just right and walked out her door with every intention of reporting to sickbay. Only on the way there her energy drained away. She thought it wouldn’t be too much trouble to stop by the lounge for a bit to eat a snack and have a drink. An ill body needs nourishment and she couldn’t go in for her scans if she lacked the energy to follow their orders or do their tests.

So it was actually very important for her health that she head into the lounge first. Besides, she further reasoned, doctors are always behind schedule. By the time she had her drink and snack they’ll be ready to see her. If anything she was doing them a favor by delaying her arrival. It made perfect sense provided she didn’t think about it further or with any amount of logic or proper reasoning. Anyways, that’s how V’alura wound up at the lounge with a glass of synthenol wine in hand and a fruit and cheese tray in front of her.

The doctors on Ogawa were not always behind. Bonner and Walker would not allow such a thing to happen. There were far too many medical staff on board for any patient to have to wait. That only happened in cases like Unroth or similar, where the numbers were simply overwhelming. Alexis had cleared her schedule to give her undivided, formidable attention to this problem. Solal was a colleague that she greatly respected, and both he and Belmont were ill, with no answers. Alexis couldn’t abide that. It never occurred to her that she was also motivated by friendship. This is what she was trained to do and so she would find a way to help them. It was why she had gone into medicine. The time for the appointment had come and gone with still no sign of her patient, who she knew was on board because she had been informed of her arrival. Alexis did not call Solal, he was not Belmont’s keeper. =/\=GALEN, where is Lt V’alura Belmont?=/\= There was a soft trill then =/\=Lt Belmont is in the ship’s lounge. Shall I page her Dr Bonner?=/\= =/\=No GALEN, I will go get her. Thank you.=/\= Another soft trill, =/\=My pleasure Dr Bonner.=/\= Alexis grinned, she adored the AIs on board.

“So I. . .” V’alura paused, taking an extra breath. It hurt to maintain her relaxed pose, and the strain made it harder to keep breathing normally. “Yes, so I looked the man right in the eye and said. . .and said ‘I don’t need to meditate and think logically about your proposal when you’re not worth the brain power to begin with.’ And his face turned as red as a tomato.” She hadn’t the breath to laugh but she smiled as the two off-duty crewmen laughed at the conclusion of her story. V’alura shifted a bit and measured her breaths least she wheeze or fall into a coughing fit. Her performance hurt to maintain but by god was she going to keep it up.

“Honestly. . . the number of men who try to appeal to my ‘logical’ side to go out with me was frankly. . . frankly incredible.” The two officers were enjoying her stories and V’alura liked having people to talk to. It eased the loneliness that had wedged itself into her thoughts.

V’alura Belmont, officer on medical leave

Alexis approached the small group, identifying Belmont immediately due to the familial resemblance to Solal. She listened quietly and when the two off duty crewman spotted her they sat up and cleared their throats a bit. Bonner had a reputation for being all business and very serious. No one disliked her, but found her to be an odd duck. Plus the rumors that flew and abounded because Borcheck had a mouth like a leaky faucet. “The number of patients who request transfers to a hospital ship, only to avoid their appointments is frankly…frankly unbelievable.” Oh she had been around Kane too long.

Waiting for the woman to turn around she held out her hand. “Lt Belmont I’m Cmdr Bonner. You are late for your appointment. I was concerned you had become much worse and we didn’t know.”

Bonner, AMO

Of course V’alura noticed the change in her once captive audience. The shift from cheerful to uncomfortable impossible to miss. Then the person V’alura had worked very hard to avoid spoke behind her. Oh dear. For a split second V’alura paused, her expression totally blank as she mentally sorted through her catalogue of expressions to find the perfect one for this situation. She settled on pleasantly surprised with a touch of confusion. Expression in place she turned to face the good doctor. “Commander! Oh my goodness.” V’alura’s expression shifted to soft shock, her voice laced with disbelief. “Surely that much time hadn’t. . . Oh no. . .”

V’alura hung her head before raising it, apologetic. “Forgive me, commander. I didn’t mean to miss my appointment.” She paused there, debating her next lines. She’s been caught having a merry old time. Saying that she was tired (however true it was) would come across as contrite. Anyone with a pair of working eyes would think clearly she wasn’t that tired. Not when she was trying so hard to act as though everything was normal. V’alura offered up an apologetic smile, “You must have other patients, oh, I must have thrown your schedule into a tizzy. You shouldn’t make them wait on my behalf. Let us reschedule our appointment and I’ll make sure to mark our next appointment very clearly. And set many reminders.”

She felt rather pathetic in that moment. Delaying the inevitable like this. So of course her body finally gave into the strain of keeping up the appearance of normal. V’alura suddenly wheezed, and her next breaths short and strained. To hell with this dumb illness!

V’alura Belmont

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