Side Sim - Holographic Therapy [Open to all! Come meet V'alura!]

Posted Nov. 5, 2022, 4:19 p.m. by Lieutenant V'alura Belmont (Scientist on Medical Leave) (Abigail G)

V’alura Belmont was perhaps the greatest holodeck programmer in all of Starfleet. Nay. All of the Federation. Of course, she can’t claim that title absolutely. Neither the Federation nor Starfleet have returned her communiques on creating an internal board to determine the best holodeck programmer. No matter how much data she’s sent both to prove her proficiency and skill. Thus, the title of “Greatest Holodeck Programmer” will have to be self-proclaimed and held until it was challenged. Which she would welcome, if only to crush any would-be claimant to her title under her sheer skill and brilliance. There could be no doubt that she was the greatest.

Which brought her to one of the holodecks aboard the USS Ogawa on this fine day. Medical leave was a terrible, terrible place to be when there was so much work to be done. V’alura couldn’t help but worry about all the unfinished projects that awaited her on the Ark Angel. Of course she knew her team of scientists could handle things without her, but she still couldn’t help but feel guilty. Then, because she was on medical leave, she couldn’t help with any projects on the Owaga. In fact, she’s been told she can’t even enter the science labs because of her “medical risk”. Not that she didn’t believe the doctors on the Ogawa were doing their best to keep her safe but it was frustrating all the same. What was her brilliant mind to do? Program holodeck adventures. It wasn’t like she had the strength for any of her other favorite pursuits.

V’alura sat on the floor of the empty holodeck, her custom designed and made portable console on the ground before her. This little machine was her pride and joy and a miracle of computational prowess. It held all her finished and unfinished holodeck programs, which she slowly cycled through. There was that lovecraftian vampire horror program she was working on. . . or perhaps she should adjust her wild west adventure? But then there was that sci-fi horror thriller that’s been on her mind. . . Oh but what about that steamy romance adventure she got half-way through creating? So many choices. . . Over the course of her life she’s made hundreds of programs. What should she work on next?

V’alura Belmont, Sick Scientist on Medical Leave

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