A Mother's Joy

Posted Dec. 2, 2022, 3:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Surra Almikaz (Chief of Psychiatry) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in A Mother’s Joy

Posted by Lieutenant Surra Almikaz (Chief of Psychiatry) in A Mother’s Joy

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in A Mother’s Joy
The problem with visiting her daughter was that Alexis didn’t know how to not work. So it wasn’t that different from when she was home. Alexis had always been studying and once she had graduated, she had studied more and went to work. And Anthony was no better. Anthony didn’t like to be idle and on a ship there wasn’t much else for him to do than offer to help wherever he could. It had been a long time since Alisson had been on a ship. It all came back very quickly though. How she kept herself busy and got to know people. - just like at home. She got up early and spent hours that first morning baking. Soon she had several dozen muffins of all flavors and she packed them up and headed to the mess hall. Everyone loved fresh home made anything, and even if they didn’t like to talk they would just to get one.

Alisson spread them out on a table with a little sign, in neat handwriting, ‘Please Take One.’ Then she went to the replicator for a drink before returning to the table.

“Oh these smell wonderful. Did you make them?”

Alisson beamed brightly. “I did. It’s just a hobby, but I made more than I needed, so I decided to share.”

A trill man walked over and looked and then picked one up. “Oh they’re still warm!” he grinned. “Thank you…I haven’t seen you before. Are you a patient or new crew?”

“Oh, neither. I’m here visiting my daughter.” Alisson reached for a random muffin and handed it to another person who didn’t have a combadge but was wearing a strange bracelet. She hadn’t paid attention enough to recognize it was a patient identification bracelet that allowed the patient to interact with GALEN’s system. “There’s plenty.”


Surra strolled into the lounge, stopped by the replicator to grab a cup of plain black coffee. The sight or the smell of the freshly baked muffins did not surpass her. As she grabbed the coffee from the replicator she saw the sign Please Take One. She made her way over to the table, briefly brushing by the person with the strange bracelet, where they were neatly displayed. “Just one?” She joked as she sat down, moved her coffee to the side and grabbed one. “Ah, man they are still warm!” Her eyes closed as she bit into it, “These are definitely not replicated muffins,” she said with a full mouth. “There is no way I am going to be able to eat just one of these.” She finished the muffin, took a long drink of her coffee, looked at the woman, then said, “That had to be the best homemade muffin I have had in.....forever. I am sure the quickness in which it disappeared was an indication.” Surra smiled then said, “I am Surra, the head psychiatrist on this ship and may I have the name of the most talented baker by far I have ever ran into?”

Almikaz, CoP

Alisson watched the new comer. She was quite bold and eager to get at the offerings Alisson had put out. Alisson liked it when people were so eager to get at her products. She sat up a little straighter and smiled brightly under the praise. Yes she was the most talented baker ever, wasn’t she? Alisson greeted several more people, taking note of which flavors were being taken the fastest. She would make extra of those tomorrow. “Oh it is very nice to meet you, Surra. I’m Alisson. Please by all means have another. Really I should probably change the sign to say ‘Please take at least one.’” There was quite a bit of brag to the statement. “There is plenty and it is not so hard to make more.”


“I think I will have another. Thank you, Allison.” She promptly grabbed another blueberry muffin from the pile before they all disappeared. However she didn’t eat this one right away, instead she sat it on the table by her coffee mug. “Nice to meet you, as well.” She said with a welcoming smile, “May I ask what brings you to the Ogawa? I take it you are not here to sell your baked items since you are freely giving them away.”

Almikaz, CoP

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