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Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in Haven’s Quarters- More to Celebrate

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Zoi couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. She knew her partner meant what she said and it made her warm all over in response. Her hand automatically moved to hold Dira’s. “Right back at ya. I think I went a bit breathless when you walked in. My brain might have stopped working for a minute.”

Dira laughed lightly. “Well, I wasn’t looking to cause oxygen deprivation.”

“That dress is like water. I love it.” She gave Dira a once over with obvious appreciation in her gaze. “I really love it.” Her other hand traced along Dira’s silky clad thigh, enjoying the feel of the material and the warmth of her partner’s skin beneath it.

Haven, CoS

A shiver crept up her spine and Dira leaned in, her lips seeking Zoi’s. There was something extraordinary about this freedom she now felt now that they had (even subtly) let their relationship be public knowledge. For the first while she had worried about gossip making it more complicated than it needed to be, but her and Zoi were in a comfortable place with each other and she wasn’t worried about external influences. Funny how a few months could make a difference.

Commander Myqian, XO

Those few months had been special. It had been a dazzling secret known only to the Captain, which enabled Dira and Zoi to work on their relationship without outside influence and intervention. Both women had needed the security and solidity due to having that time together. They were able to have their relationship on their own terms and find what was comfortable to them before others were able to form opinions or their relationship was center of the ship’s skuttlebutt.

Zoi returned the kiss with sweet abandon, pulling the other woman to her easily. Talk about oxygen deprivation.

Haven, CoS

Being lost in a kiss was a magical moment and Dira never took it for granted. Nor had she had something like this in many, many years. It had been too hard after Paige and there just had never been anyone else so far (male or female) that had captivated her the way this woman in her arms did.

Pulling back, Dira smiled half-lidded. “Amazing we kept it a secret as long as we did,” she said.

“Zoi, have you ever been with a Haliian before?”


Zoi laughed softly. “No. I don’t believe Haliian’s are so numerous as to fall out of trees. Isn’t that the saying?” Close enough at any rate. She knew Dira would understand what she meant. “I suppose I should have asked if there was something important I should know about your culture or your physical body given your species is different than mine. I just assumed you would tell me as we got to know each other. Is there something specific you wish to speak about?”

Haven, CoS

“Yes,” Dira said softly. “Though it is more about something I’d like to share, for you to experience with me. Every Haliian is different about how and when they choose to allow another person to share this with them, and to be honest Zoi, a part of me wanted to very early on. But I also knew with all the changes I was going through when I arrived, that it wouldn’t be fair to either of us. That we would be robbed of the full beauty of it just because I was rushing things.”

Dira blew out a breath and reached for the cloth bag on the table and pulled it into her lap. With exquisite delicacy, she reached in and pulled out a an object wrapped in velvet in a deep shade of blue that bordered on black. Unwrapping it, it was a large crystal prism set on a base that Zoi might recall from Dira’s bedroom. It had sat in the corner of her dresser.

“This is the canar. It’s a special crystal from Halii that can amplify a Haliian’s abilities and allow someone they are connected to to even share them. But for me, and especially with the added mix of my Betazoid heritage, I’ve never been able to use it to just share my mind. For me it goes beyond that, beyond the physical.” Her dark eyes penetrated Zoi’s, trying to convey the things her words might not. “It takes the connection we already have and…” She shook her head. “It’s hard to explain, except to to say that for some this is special, yes, but a tool. For me, it’s allowing someone to touch my spirit and I take that very seriously. It’s not something I’ve allowed often. And it’s perfectly fine if you’re not ready for such a step, but if you are I’d like to take that step with you. I want you to know all of me Zoi.” It had been a very long time since she had longed for someone to know her this way and she knew after Paige it would take someone phenomenal to be the next. Zoi was all that and more.


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