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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) in Side sim: Chief Science Office -Return what’s mine
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Sometime after leaving the psychiatry deck Cai found his way to Kane’s office with the intention to get his ear pod back. He could simply replicate new ones and start the programming he’d done on them again but what was the point. Those were his property and the weirdo grumpy dude with the Viking haircut could stick it if he was going to roll over and accept him taking it.

Cai jabbed at the chime, because even delinquents don’t storm in, no use playing full emotional pelt unnecessarily.


Solomon was…irritated was the best word Alexis could come up with. A mixture of angry, sarcastically amused, and fed-up. Though she couldn’t say she was surprised. At least she thought so, it was hard for her to tell some times. He hated those appointments, and Alexis thought they were rather pointless. It was just one more link in the leash.

A particularly complex case had been taunting her all morning and so on a whim she’d left her desk to walk and think, and stopped at his office. Frigga was quite happy with the stop as well. She was curled up underneath Solomon’s desk. Inside the office of Lt Kane, Alexis sighed as the chime rang. She kissed him once and then moved toward the door. “Come on Frigga.” The dog whined and then slowly got to her feet after nosing Kane’s hand.

Alexis walked out of the office looking slightly flushed. She stepped around the teenager with a quiet, “Hello Cai” and kept going. Frigga however had to stop because Cai always had treats.

Bonner & Frigga

Cai raised both his eyebrows, the studs in his right one peaking as he watched Alexis taking in her flushed appearance. He gave her a nod as acknowledgment but didn’t greet her out loud other than that and a slightly mischievous half grin.

The teen then busied himself with the dog. “Hey Frigga.” He said ruffling her fur and making a bit of a fuss. “You want a treat?” He put his hand into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a treat for her.


The door slid open and Kane’s voice came from inside. “You want this back? Or you wanna play with the dog? Now get in here.”

Cai scowled, finished the fussing he was doing with Frigga for another thirty seconds or so and then straightened. He gave her another treat and entered the domain of the chief science officer.

Stepping in revealed an office unlike the vast majority of other Department Heads had. Oh, the layout was the same… single room overlooking the Lab area with a desk and two chairs, replicator, and some shelves and cabinets… but after that it was, well, ‘unique’ to say the least.

There were no mementos or personal effects to be seen. No pictures, souvenirs, knickknacks or items to five a hint as to who the wild-haired CSO really was. Except maybe disorganized. Folders of actual paper lay strewn about the place, seemingly at random. In fact, had the glaring figure whose office it was not been seated behind the desk with his feet kicked up on it, one could have safely hazarded a guess that someone had burglarized the place and left it a wreck. In addition to the folders and papers, there were PaDDs, optical and isolinear chips, and even a few book scattered around as if thrown there by strong winds.

Kane was glaring at a PaDD and didn’t look up. “Sit.” he growled, his eyes boring into the device in his hand like it owed him money.

Kane, CSO

Cai looked around, chewed his lip ring a moment and then flowed his arms and said. “Won’t be here long enough to make sitting an option, give me my ear pod and I’ll go.” He continued to scowl.


There was a long silence and then Kane’s gaze slowly lifted to Cai, his glare scarcely concealed behind the perpetual hair hanging across his face. “I don’t remember that being presented as a fu<$ing ‘option’, now was it? You want it, you sit. It’s a pretty straight forward equation.” Kane said through clenched teeth.

Kane, CSO

Cai’s eyebrows were in danger of making him appear like there was Klingon somewhere in his ancestry. He looked at the chair and did sit without a word, giving a shrug that clearly said ‘what’


Kane waited as the surly teen slid into the chair. With a soft grunt of ‘Finally’ escaping his lips, Kane set his hands on his thighs and looked at Cai. “So why the hell are you here? Seriously. And don’t be dense… you know I mean ‘on the ship’ and not the damn earbud thing. I read your file. You could be quite literally anywhere else… and yet here you are. Walking through the passageways like the goth version of every. Single. Teen. Angst. character ever written. Did you lose a bet? Or do you just really like your sister that much?”

Kane, CSO

Cai shrugged but didn’t refuse to answer. “I just turned 17. She’s my guardian till I’m legally an adult. I haven’t got any interest in joining starfleet if that’s what you’re getting at and they tend to want grades to go do things.”

Despite himself he gave a small smirk. “I prefer goth lovcraftian chic myself but whatever dude. What do you and your Valhalla fashion sense care?”


“Oh, I don’t.” Kane said succinctly. “I could literally give two s#!ts about it. And I am the last person to try and talk anyone into joining this cluster.” paused and then said “Oh, and grades just tell people how well you take tests. You can train a Denoblian monkey to pass a test.” He took a breath and then said “So you are trapped here for another year. Ten, if you happen to be Tarkanian. So what are you gonna do for a year? Besides the whole ‘goth lovcraftian chic’ thing. Oh, and by the way? Lovecraft was a raging racist. Complete d!<k. Might wanna go with Poe or Shelly instead. Maybe Doyle if you get stuck.”

Kane, CSO / R&D


Cai shrugged. “It was a joke dude.” He chewed his lip ring. Some of the angsty agro seeming to have seeped from him. “Don’t know. Spend time annoying Oscar…depends what takes my interest. Make sure Will actually sees the fricking woods for the trees?” He bit the lip ring, then continued with the same irritation. “It’s not like when I do anything anyway I get any sort of acknowledgment and for the record by the way I didn’t mean to turn the ball launcher into an explosive weapon in the arboretum. I miss calculated the damn fertiliser breakdown. It wasn’t designed to be that explosive.”

Cai Taylor

Kane shrugged and said “Shit happens. That’s why they’re called experiments, not perfected ideas.” He watched Cai for a minute and then said “You should work here. In the lab. I’ll give you free reign to design your own experiments and build whatever you want. Within reason, but I’m pretty damn liberal in what I consider ‘reason’. In exchange, you’ll do some stuff I need done around here. Mostly crap I don’t wanna do, so it will be crap work a lot of the time. But…” and he paused for a moment, “… whatever you find in your experiments and whatever you build, your name is on it. Not mine, not the lab’s, not the ship or your sister. Yours. You can even publish on the ship’s science database. And, as the CSO, I can give you educational credit for whatever you do. I won’t hold you to a schedule, you can come and go pretty much as you want. Just do the work you say uou’re gonna do. You do that, I’ll leave you be. You don’t, I don’t care and I lock you outta the labs. Pretty simple.”

Kane, CSO / R&D

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Ic: Cai stared at the man before him, expressionless. Eventually he said “what’s the catch?” As if he expected some sort of stick to go along with the carrot being dangled before him.


Kane looked at him for a moment and then said “I just told ya. You have to do crap work for me, and do it well. And I’m gonna hold you to the same standards as the rest of the section. Which means anything you do, you submit a formal proposal to me outlining the hypothesis and experimental parameters. You document everuthing. And if you wanna publish, I gotta see it first. And if it looks like a moronic high-schooler did it, I’m gonna throw it in the garbage. Deal?”

Kane, CSO / R&D

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Ic: The temptation to state that he was a moronic high schooler as far as many were concerned was strong. He bit down on the impulse and had a brief moment of panic, a split second, when he thought the Lipton had caught in the wire contraptions that The Dentist had fitted onto his teeth earlier in the week. It hadn’t and the moment passed. Instead of his initial reaction or the panic he simple shrugged and said. “Fine. When do you want me to start?”


Kane reached into the pile of seeming chaos on his desk and pulled out a PaDD. “Now. First, clean up the old lab samples we are done with and pull all new supplies to resupply the lab. After that, you get this.” and he waved the PDD at him. “This is an experiment submission from one of the civilian scientists. I want you to read it, grasp it, and then go through every single source you can find to see if the experiment has been done before. Either identically or similarly. If not, great. If so write up who did it, when, where, why, and how they did it. And what that experiment found. Finish by telling me whether or not its worth our time and resources conducting the experiment here on the Ogawa. Now get out.”

Kane, CSO / R&D

Cai took the PaDD and gave it a brief glance before he turned his attention back to the scientist. He stood the. But held a hand out. “My ear pod.” He said


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