Colliding Paths- Brig

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In the brig sat a lone prisoner, face bloodied and bewildered. But under the surface simmered deep anger. Everything had gone so wrong.

Outside the cell, two security officers were being very cautious and never leaving their charge without two people there. NE Lane stood near the cell, while T’Sul was at the controls. Lane eyed the man with disgust, having pieced together what had gone down. They had the PADD and hypospray found on Commander Myqian’s person in Sickbay in evidence and it was clear this had been painstakingly planned over a long period of time.

“Any luck figuring out how he snuck aboard?” Lane called over.

“Not as of yet,” T’Sul said. “We will have to consult Engineering. It is most likely a system issues and he somehow bypassed GALEN.”

Lane grunted. “Lovely,” he said, glaring at the man who had caused so much havoc on the ship.

~Security NEs

The doors to the brig opened and Cmdr Bonner, carrying a med kit walked in along with SCP Kevis ch’Vhiarrarh one of their medics. As far as Andorians went he was massive and ripped and had been known to take down a battle enraged Klingon or two when they weren’t cooperative in having their injuries seen to. The man was obviously dangerous, and Alexis didn’t relish the thought of getting close to someone that dangerous. She wasn’t going to ask someone else to do it either. ch’Vhiarrarh had volunteered to accompany her. Bonner walked over to NE Lane carrying her medkit that she set on the counter for inspection. As if she’d actually let that deranged man go. “Orders to see to the prisoner’s injuries.” As far as Alexis was concerned he could suffer.

Bonner, AMO

Lane nodded, though clearly he was as thrilled with Bonner about the prospect.

Before they opened the door she opened her kit and dropped a tricorder, a dermal regenerator, and a hypo into her pocket. She wasn’t going to bring in more than she needed and run the risk of the man trying to grab any of it. He was obviously smart and dangerous.

Franks said nothing, though eyed them all warily as Lane pulled out a phaser and dropped the forcefield. “Go ahead, tempt me,” Lane said to the man before gesturing for Bonner to proceed.

It was clear even before he was scanned that Franks had blunt force trauma to the face. His nose was bloodied, though looked to have clotted, and there was bruising forming around the area that had the distinct impression of boot heels.

~Security NEs

Kevis entered the cell before her, he insisted. His antenna stood straight up, focused on the man, in a clearly aggressive manner. He smirked at the state of the man’s face. Bonner stepped through, and took in the injuries. Myqian did good, and Bonner was inclined to leave him that way. Instead she stepped up beside Kevis, but both medical officers were careful to make sure the security personnel always had a clear line of sight. She gave the man a dispassionate glance. “You are allowed to refuse. If you chose to have your injuries cared for you will sit there quietly and cooperate.” Alexis wasn’t one to issue threats. The pointed phasers at the man, she felt were enough. If they weren’t, well, he’d find out the hard way, wouldn’t he. She opened her tricorder and pulled out the hand scanner waiting.

Bonner, AMO

Franks said nothing but watched them all for a moment and then gestured for Bonner to go ahead. It still didn’t make sense who it all went down. It shifted so quickly after everything went perfectly according to plan. He was trying to work out how he might fix things but right now it was a moot point.

The scan would show a definite fracture to the nose and if Dira had struck a little bit lower she probably would have driven the nasal bone upwards into Frank’s head towards his brain. But other than the fracture and surrounding contusions, the man was fine.

Commander William Franks

Alexis closed the tricorder and dropped it in her pocket. “Kevis, set the bone in his nose.” Kevis stepped over behind Franks, “This will hurt more for a moment, hold still and keep your hands in your lap.” Kevis looked down but not bent over, Franks head roughly at chest level. Kevis set his fingers along the cheek bones, and his thumbs on either side of the nose, and with a quick motion popped the nose back into place. Then he moved away.

Franks cried out in pain as his nose was reset but he gritted his jaw to stifle as much of the action as possible, his fingers drawn into her palm, knuckles white.

Alexis had the dermal regenerator in hand and held it over his nose and face. When it was done she slipped it back into her pocket and stepped back.

Bonner, AMO

The pain was still fairly intense but William’s mind was elsewhere, focused on how to get himself out of this predicament. Dira had made a mistake in running away and he was certain she’d realize that once she came to her senses. Her angry words towards him were just stressed. Sure, he had surprised her, but that was unavoidable. But now he had to rework the next steps and how to get out of this cell.

Franks laid back on the bunk and gazed up at the ceiling, hands laced behind his head.

Commander William Franks

The door swished open and Willow entered, her mouth set in a firm line. The old earth expression “a face like thunder” was fairly accurate here. Quietly she surveyed the prone form of Franks and then looked at Bonner. “How is he?” She asked

Willow Taylor

Alexis turned toward Taylor, “Blunt force trauma to the face. The pattern matches uniformed issue boot heels. I am sure he has some residual dull pain. Setting the os nasale is never a pleasant sensation. The cartilage and the contusions have been treated. Other than that, physically he is fine.”

Bonner, AMO

It was not becoming of a commanding officer to respond to such a report with the word pity but that was the only thought that currently manifested itself coherently in the battling turbulence that was her thought processes over this whole affair.

“Will he need further treatment?” She said her done utterly flat

Willow Taylor

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