Side-sim: Made To Make a Quick Medical Stop

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“I want to sleep.” Solal yawned. “But I guess we can walk to medical.” He made no effort to move. He was tired, and sort of comfortable, and Achilleas’ back rub was making him more tired and comfortable, though the nausea and the headache detracted from that. He looked up at Achilleas tiredly, “I’m sure you have better things to do than hang around medical.”

~ Solal

Achilleas stopped rubbing Solal’s back and got to his feet. “I do not have better things to do actually.” He said as he cleared the table of cups and plates, he shoved it all into the replicator to break it down. He also packed up the basket with the remaining tea and scones but left it by the door. He would end up back here anyway after their stroll to medical so he could take it back then. “Do you need my assistance to get there or are you feeling well enough for the walk?”

Sci Petrakos

Solal gave Achilleas a side-eye. “If you’re going to sling me over your shoulder again, I’d rather walk.” He stood from the chair slowly and headed for the door. As soon as it opened, he flinched and shielded his eyes. The hallway lights were too bright! He didn’t want to go. But he was pretty sure Achilleas wasn’t giving him a choice. So he headed slowly and tiredly toward medical. When they arrived there, he asked for Doctor Bonner.

~ Solal

Solal’s appearance these days was met with concern rather than the typical ‘Oh good there is another doctor here now.’ The nurse led him directly to one of the partitioned biobeds and turned it on. “I will get Dr Bonner right away.”

Solal hated the concerned looks. It was part of the reason he kept avoiding coming in, especially for little things. He knew some of the nurses on duty too. It was embarrassing.

Achilleas merely chuckled at the side-eye and comment then followed Solal out the door. He was actually prepared to throw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes again. He winced in sympathy as the corridor lights were quite a bit brighter than in the quarters. The whole way there he stayed close to Solal like a worrying mom in case he got out of breath or stumbled but was happy that they got there without incident.

Sci Petrakos

Alexis came in almost immediately. She looked at the readings from the bed and opened her tricorder and waived it over him. “Solal. What brings you in?”

Bonner, AMO

Solal lay back on the biobed tiredly and sighed. The biobed read his heart rate a little high and his breathing a little short perhaps from walking here. Otherwise there were no major issues. If there had been his monitor would have alerted her. The tricorder scan showed signs of an upset stomach, also signs that he hadn’t been eating well the last couple of days. It wasn’t terrible but the effects of not enough food were making themselves known. Unsurprisingly dehydration had set in, at the levels it was at most likely he was trying to drink enough but falling well short of what he needed to. His scans showed the telltale signs of stress that went with lack of sleep as well. As his sleep worsened, he was now getting precious little sleep at all. He wasn’t due for another round of dialysis yet, there were still several days before then.

Solal, wanting to get out of sickbay and not waste too much of Bonner’s time, shrugged, “Achilleas thought I should come in for something to help with the nausea I have been experiencing.”

~ Solal

Achilleas grinned in Bonner’s direction. “You said to bring him in before things get to a point he needs serious intervention. He hasn’t been eating well at all and I’m concerned about his caloric intake. I don’t know much else about what’s going on, at least medically speaking, but I’ve noticed a fair amount of lethargy and light sensitivity.”

Sci Petrakos

Alexis brow went up in a perfect Vulcan expression of disbelief. “You seem awfully hapoy to be here.” What his reason for grinning like that was, Alexis could only speculate. To impress or prove he could help? Alexis had no idea, nor did she care. Solal was her concern. “Well you are just a grouping of cause and effect. You are dehydrated, sleep deprived, you haven’t eaten and you are suffeeing a migraine. Your lethargy is to be expected unfortunately. The body’s resources are all focused on itself. And the light sensitivity,” and she hit a control ro lower rhe lights some and make them softer, “is an effect of the migraine. As is the nausea.” She stepped out of the room and returned with a tray. She picked up a long device that looked like a conductors wand that glowed and pressed it to his temples, occipital lobe, and then ran it across the crown of his head. “That should relieve the pain.” Then she pressed a hypo to his neck. “Vitamin and mineral infusion since you have been unable to eat. And you need two bags of fluids.” Alexis turned his arm up and pushed up his sleeve. She sprayed his arm with a topical hydration and numbing spray. It would make securing the infusion unit easier in Solal. Alexis had the unit secured and started quickly. She lifted another hypo and set it to his neck. There was a pop hiss. “And a sedative. Your body needs sleep Solal to heal. So you are going to get it while you get the fluids you need.”

Bonner, AMO

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