Enduring Correspondence

Posted March 22, 2023, 6:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) in Enduring Correspondence

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Enduring Correspondence

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) in Enduring Correspondence
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Kane stared at the screen for a long time, his mind doing all kinds of gaming and probability analysis. Eventually, he just looked down and said softly “I don’t think Hannah is the one we should be worried about…” and Kane began to clean up.


Kane sat there so long that Alexis had finished her shower. She was straightening the bedroom and picking up pieces of the broken drawer. She paused in the door way at his voice and sighed. She really wanted to believe that Hannah was okay. She knew it wasn’ther choice or mostly none of her business, unless Hannah chose to tell her. She wantes this Reilly to be good for her. “Do you think someone connected with Daniel is after her?” Before Solomon, Alexis never would have made that leap, she never would have seen the possibility.


Kane shrugged. “I don’t know what that Daniel guy was into. But I know for a fact that if someone was? Reilly is probably six steps ahead of them.” He looked at Alexis and then gestured to the coms. “Just call her, for f!<ks sake. Ask her whats going on. She’s your best friend. And she knows how your mind works. She won’t get mad. Call her.”


Alexis shrugged. “I was only asking because of what you said. Or are you worried for Reilly?” Then she laughed, “You’re curious!”

“Hell yeah I am! Who wouldn’t be?” Kane said. “This is like a cross between some trashy bodice-ripper holonovel and a spy flick. It’s amazing!”

Alexis walked over to the comms and keyed in the connection request and waited. “Really she will be more irritated I am interrupting my honeymoon again.” The Star Fleet symbol rotated around and around for several minutes and then flashed as the connection was made. Han…

Hannah interrupted her, beginning to sign rapidly. Alexis’ brows went up and she leaned forward slightly and then began to respond. Both men had seen Alexis and Hannah sign enough to realize this wasn’t FSL, but something else entirely.


Kane looked past Hannah and saw Reilly in the background at the same time Reilly saw him. Kane him a quick ‘Sup? jerk of the chin and Reilly shrugged and put his hands up in the universal Well, it is what it is gesture. Kane laughed and walked off to put clothes on before someone saw all of his tattoos.


Hannah spotted Solomon and the profile photo in his personnel record Daniel pulled didn’t really do the man justice. Hannah’s gaze travelled back to Alexis and she signed something, Alexis blushed but tried to shrug it off, Hannah started laughing. The exchange between the two men didn’t go unnoticed by the two women. The difference was, Alexis wasn’t surprised by it. Hannah was curious. The brief exchange about it, though no one but Alexis and Hannah understood the signs, was Hannah asking what that was about and Alexis stating how should she know about male social conventions. Hannah believed it.

The conversation continued. Some signs were recognizable as they were the same, and some, for those talented with language, might be intuited. The conversation ended. Alexis glanced at Reilly and then at Hannah. Are you happy? Hannah glanced behind her and then at Alexis, I really am.

I’m really hurt, Hannah, you didn’t tell me about him before.

I know Nugget. Some things are too precious to share though. I don’t think you would have understood back then, but I think you do now.

It was Alexis turn to look over at Solomon and back, I do, and you’re right. I wouldn’t have 3 years ago. So why did you send me this medical file? There is nothing there I can tell you that you can’t see for yourself. Or do you want a genetic analysis?

Ah, that was Alexis, all work. Hannah looked back at Jason and shrugged. Do you want to know? Like everything from gender to hair color, ear shape, most likely height, weight, eye color, if the baby is deaf or not?

Alexis and Hannah

Jason looked at her and shrugged. I do if you do. It might be good to know the last in advance so we can start preparing for things. But honestly, I just need to know that they are healthy. Happy and the rest we can address later. He moved so his back was to the screen and he signed And with the origin issue of the other guy, we might want to make sure nothing is off. and he moved into another room.

Kane watched and his eyes narrowed as he saw the back of Reilly. So something was up… ok, good to know.

Kane / Reilly

Hannah turned back to the screen and nodded. If you have time…

Of course I have time. You can send me both your D-N-A profiles and I can work up percentages and probabilities. OR you can take a fetal sample, but you can’t do that yourself Hannah. Get another doctor to do it, then send me the profile. Okay? Let me know when you send it.

Hannah started signing again, that other. Alexis answered and then the comms went dark.

Alexis and Hannah

Kane walked back in and flopped on the couch. “I’ll make you a deal, Mrs. Kane. You tell me what you two were gabbing about in that secret language of yours; and I’ll tell ya what I figured out.” and he chuckled.


Alexis grinned, “Well Mr Kane, That secret language is Catawban Sign Langage, and Hannah and I are the only two people who know it. I’ll tell you all about that later. That made it much faster and secure or her to tell me what they did. Daniel was involved/connected to some very dangerous stuff, people, info. You get the idea. Hannah told Reilly she was afraid someone might come after the baby because it’s Daniel’s…so Reilly fixed it so the computer will always show that he is the father even when medical tests are run, unless they are run by hand. Oh and go back 3 years. Hannah was on the Fearless and they went to Theta Kizvik. Guess who else was ‘stationed’ there. Lt Jason Reilly, science division, communications specialist.”


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