Psych check-in: Paging Dr Grayson

Posted March 25, 2023, 11:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Scientist) (Matt Evans)

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Posted by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Scientist) in Psych check-in: Paging Dr Grayson

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Achilleas found himself back in the psychology wing lobby. The last time he was here was because he ‘needed’ someone to talk to. Now he was back because he ‘needed’ to get his psych eval done. The difference between the situations was that he was on the fence being here before but he didn’t really want to be here now. Why couldn’t they take his clean bill of health from Starfleet Medical? Oh well. It was better just to get this over with.

With a big sigh he walked up to the woman sitting at the reception desk. “Hi again.” He said with a slight smile. “I need to get my boarding psych eval complete before I can go to work. Might I ask who might be available to help?”

Sci Petrakos

HARLEEN looked at the science officer and said, “Hmm, it looks like you had an appointment with Dr. Grayson. She isn’t in right now, but Dr. Almikaz is available. Why don’t you have a seat and I will let her know you are here.”

HARLEEN moved from behind the receptionist’s desk, there was a slight glitch in her holographic appearance as she made her way to Surra’s office. “Dr. Almikaz, Dr. Grayson’s patient has arrived, but she isn’t available right now. Do you want to take him?”


Surra looked at HARLEEN and nodded, “Please send him in.”

Almikaz, CoP

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The doors to Mariah’s office slid open and she came down the hallway to the reception desk, pleased to see Achilleas was right on time. That suggested a certain level of cooperation Grayson could appreciate. At least she wouldn’t be chasing the science officer down, as sometimes she had to do with other crew, even though they were all serving on a ship that prioritized the well-being of others. Helpers, naturally, weren’t used to being on the receiving end of help.

“Hello, Lieutenant,” Mariah greeted. “I’m ready for you if you’d like to follow me back?”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

“Yes, of course.” Achilleas responded with a nervous smile as he followed Mariah back to her office. His body language didn’t necessarily come across as cagey but maybe more of a nervous jittery. It would be obvious to a trained professional that he didn’t want to be here but orders were orders. A look into his most recent psych profile from Starfleet Medical would show that his absence from the Ogawa was due to him requiring medical and psychological intervention due to a relapse from the fungal infection the crew had experienced at Starbase 157. It appeared that he was the only one who had a relapse among the crew and that necessitated specialized care beyond what the Ogawa could provide.

Sci Petrakos

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