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Su’en was unusual in the terms of the Kelakgh. While drinking intoxicating beverages wasn’t forbidden, or even socially taboo, drinking socially wasn’t part of their culture. When an intoxicating beverage was consumed it tended to be a tea made from a species of mushroom or certain blossoms that gave a euphoric or visionary state. All very religious and controlled.

And then there was Su’en. The assistant to the ambassador was quite notable for love of sweet and fruity liqueurs, a fact he didn’t try to hide from anyone but Salin. He out ranked her in every conceivable way except drinking. He could drink her under the table.

OOC: Do you mean couldn’t drink her under the table or was outranked by her? I’m confused because of how the two statements conflict.

OOC: She outranks him in every way but drinking… Don’t drink and post friends.

Having been banished from sickbay, much to his dismay, and unending anger, he found his way to the galley to find something unique, or at least fruity and strong.

GM Wombat

Achilleas was in the galley availing himself of the cooking stations. This was something he could do far more easily with a replicator but the authentic homemade taste made the effort worth it. So here he was trying his hand at making some French food for Solal. Something to cheer him up and maybe remind him of home. He was so focused on the instructions displayed on the PaDD and carrying them out that he didn’t notice someone else enter.

Sci Petrakos

“Rum,” Su’en asked the bar tender. “Particularly Banana rum based drinks if you have one,” he said with a heavy sigh. “And something fried, like fried pickles. Nice and salty,” he grumbled with a little bit of disappointment.

He pulled out his PaDD and started reading the diplomatic communiques of the day, still grumbling under his breath about being kicked out of the room.

GM Wombat

Lurking near-by was a certain V’alura Belmont. Today was a good health day, so she put on make-up, dressed up in a snazzy outfit and headed for the lounge. She’s been here for a while, nursing a drink before Su’en arrived. Of course his order for bannana rum and fried pickles caught her attention. She slid over a seat and smiled at the new arrival. “Long day?” She asked, a slight rasp to her voice. “Want to vent a little? You seem like you need to let off some steam.”

V’alura Belmont, sick scientist on leave

Achilleas was vaguely aware that more people arrived and were talking and/or doing stuff while he continued to prep food. It was only when he got to the longer simmering stage that he actually looked up and observed the goings on. His eyes brightened as he saw V’alura and gave an enthusiastic wave in her direction. He was making quite a bit more food then Solal was likely going to eat in one sitting. Should he get her opinion on it when it was finished?

Sci Petrakos

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