Side Sim: A Bored Scientist in the Arboretum (tag Achilleas)

Posted March 26, 2023, 9:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Scientist) (Matt Evans)

Posted by Lieutenant V’alura Belmont (Scientist on Medical Leave) in Side Sim: A Bored Scientist in the Arboretum (tag Achilleas)

Posted by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Scientist) in Side Sim: A Bored Scientist in the Arboretum (tag Achilleas)

Posted by Lieutenant V’alura Belmont (Scientist on Medical Leave) in Side Sim: A Bored Scientist in the Arboretum (tag Achilleas)
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V’alura, dressed plainly in a forest green cable-knit dress and gray leggings tucked into soft suede boots considered the title of her next research thesis: Medical Leave, A New Type of Psychological Torture. Thought it was the sub-heading that was giving her difficulties. It would either be “A study on why sick scientists should be allowed to work still” or “Dear god please let me work on something! I’m on my knees begging!”. Both had their pros and cons but the latter was slowly inching ahead in the ratings. “I’m going crazy,” V’alura muttered to herself.

She plopped down onto a bench and began to catalogue all the plants she could recognize around her. It was either this or count the ceiling titles in the lounge. And one could read only so many research papers and studies published in the Starfleet scientific journals before one’s mind cried out for help. She thought a walk around the arboretum would clear her head but instead it made her wish she was in a lab. Lord have mercy but she missed work. Stupid disease. Making it hard to breath and leaving her feeling so weak that standing up was practically an Olympic sport.

“Momma always said I was gonna work myself to death one day, guess she was wrong because I’m going to die of boredom first.”

V’alura Belmont, Sick scientist on leave

A man was lying on the grass a short distance away and lifted his head at the statement made by the woman on the bench. He was off duty and dressed in a loose fitted olive green shirt, grey pants, comfortable looking black shoes, and a grey cap on his head.

“Boredom isn’t what you have to look out for. It’s all the other random thoughts jumbled in your head.” He called out in response, though whether she would appreciate himself interjecting into her solo conversation was another matter. He just knew that he would’ve liked a chatting partner when all he had was his own thoughts to keep him company.

Sci Petrakos

V’alura perked up when someone else talked back and turned around to get a proper look at her brand new conversation partner. It wasn’t crazy to talk aloud so long as there was someone around to talk back. She smiled, a dazzler she developed during her former career, “Shush, don’t remind me. I just chased away most of those intrusive little buggers.” Laying on the grass must feel nice. She’d indulge herself if not for the very real fear that she’d lack the strength to get back up again. “To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” Her voice was rough and raspy. A consequence of breathing treatments and from coughing most of the day.

V’alura Belmont

Achilleas rolled onto his side and propped himself up on an elbow. It looked as if this conversation was going to engage in earnest and he wanted to be comfortable. Plus he didn’t feel like getting up yet or inviting himself to sit on the bench. “I am Achilleas Petrakos. The Chief…” He trailed off for a moment, shook his head, then continued with a slightly embarrassed grin. “I’m one of the many scientists aboard the Ogawa. Though understandably we’re quite outnumbered by all of the lovely medical folk.”

Sci Petrakos

“Lovely to meet you,” V’alura said, completely at ease chatting with a total stranger, “V’alura Belmont, formerly Chief Science Officer of the USS Ark Angel, currently on medical leave.” Every time V’alura stated her position she couldn’t help but worry about her ship and her dear scientists. Were they doing alright? Followed by a dab of guilt that she wasn’t there and a little of something else that she wasn’t ready to acknowledge. “But you can just call me V’alura. I can say with confidence that I’m not used to the scientists being out numbered by the medical crew. Every time I cough I feel at least ten people turn to stare while they diagnose me in their heads.”

V’alura Belmont

“Wait, you said V’alura?” Achilleas asked excitedly as his previous desire to lay on the grass disappeared and he got to his feet. He moved quickly in her direction but then stopped as he realized he was probably coming off as an insane person without further context. “I’ve heard about you from Solal.” He confided with another embarrassed grin. What a way to introduce yourself, with two gaffes in about as many minutes. “I’ve been meaning to meet you since I’ve met with Solal and learned of you. Though trying to schedule something around his weak spells has been difficult. How fortuitous to run across each other in the arboretum of all places.” He realized he had been kind of going on for a bit and had not addressed her latter statement. “Oh uh, yeah medical takes their job very seriously around here. Psychology does too but at least they’re not as in your face about it.”

Sci Petrakos

V’alura was non-pulsed by Achilleas’ excited reaction to her name. She was a famous actress before her career in Starfleet. Though she wasn’t nearly as recognized for that these days she had plenty of fans within Starfleet (even a few aboard the Owaga itself). What did catch her by surprise was that he heard about her from Solal. Her own burst of excited energy came over her as she asked, “You must be Solal’s friend that he’s told me about!” She scooted over on the bench and motioned for him to take a seat beside her.

Achilleas moved swiftly and sat beside V’alura at her invitation. It was hard for him to not fidget excitedly at finally meeting her, though he really only knew of her over the last week or so. “I probably am that very same friend!” He nodded as the excited energy seemed to be building up. “I’m sure he gets along well with his co-workers but I’m unsure how many people can claim to be his friend. And if there are, well, I am the best friend.” He said proudly with an enthusiastic smile.

“Yeah, but you know they’re extra analytical about it in their heads. They can take one off-hand comment and turn it into a whole borderline personality defect.” In her excitement she spoke a little too fast and she broke out into a mild coughing fit. “Sorry about that. I need to remember. . . to take it easy. I’m not infectious by the by.”

V’alura Belmont

Achilleas had to keep himself from reaching out and patting V’alura on the back during the coughing fit. She wasn’t Solal and they had just met, but the way she coughed reminded him of Solal’s distressed breathing the last time he’d visited and the urge to comfort was strong. Instead he waved a hand in understanding. “I’ve been briefed by Dr Bonner, with Solal’s permission, on his medical situation and the reason why you’re here. I know neither of you are contagious but you both have to be careful of others who might have something you could get. I’ve been cleared by medical recently as having nothing wrong going on, so you should be safe from me.”

Sci Petrakos

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