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Frigga nosed her hand and arm softly, forcing it back down. She licked Dira’s hand and her tail thumped against the woman’s leg. Frigga laid still for a long two minutes, but no one came to check on her friend. She lifted her head and turned towards the partition and barked twice.

=/\=FRIGGA YOU WILL NOT START THAT BEHAVIOR AGAIN.=/\= The computerized voice of GALEN informed the dog. Frigga looked at the ceiling speaker and barked once and whined. =/\=FRIGGA STOP THAT=/\=

Dira was actually slightly amused, though they might need to add in some additional programming for GALEN to address specific needs in regards to Frigga. “Good girl Frigga,” she whispered, scratching the dog’s head with her good hand.

Realizing she would get no help from the disembodied voice that led her about the ship, Frigga nosed and then licked Dira’s hand again. She gently hopped down and padded into the main bay. Seeing Dr Solal, someone she was very familiar with and worked with she trotted over and barked twice softly and then whined while pawing at his pants leg.

Solal had been going about his usual work. He was tired, it had been a busy day. When he felt pawing at his leg he looked down at Frigga. Doctor Bonner’s sickbay dog. Secretly, it was a joy to see her. Outwardly, he showed no such thing.

Once he looked at her she trotted back to the door where Dira was and barked once. =/\=FRIGGA YOU ARE A BAD DOG. STOP THAT.=/\= If dogs could roll their eyes, Frigga would have. She waited for Solal to follow her.


Solal knew that meant ‘follow’. He walked behind the dog towards the door. Entering Dira’s room, he stood by the bed. “Commander Myqian. How are you feeling? Any better?” It was said with little emotion. There were a few things the nurses had found that Solal was hanging onto until they could be turned over to Lieutenant Haven. A used hypo and a PaDD, carefully left untouched and stashed in a drawer in Myquin’s patient room.

~ Lt Solal

Myqian swallowed. “A little,” she said softly, not meeting his gaze. “Less dizzy. But my wrist and shoulder hurt still. I know it will take time to heal fully but the pain is distracting.” It also reminded her she was alive, so it was a mixed blessing.

Commander Myqian, XO

“As you know, we like to keep some pain there so we know how things are healing. If it becomes uncomfortable, please let someone know.” Even as staff herself, Solal was aware sometimes when it was your own emergency, one needed to be reminded of things like that. He pulled out his medical tricorder and ran another scan to check how the treatments were working. ‘Less dizzy’ was promising. He noticed she wasn’t quite looking at him. Was it an emotional thing, or was she holding something back? He wasn’t sure. “Less dizzy is promising,” he settled on commenting.

~ Lt Solal

The tissues around her dislocated joints and from the laceration were indeed continuing their healing. The chloroform concoction was nearly out of her system and no longer putting any stress on her heart, and the previously prescribed neurosuppressant was also nil- her telepathy was fully functional again.

“You were prescribed a neurosuppressant which is no longer in your system. I would be comfortable giving you a dose if it’s necessary once the chloroform has fully cleared your system. Do you need a dose?”

“No,” she said firmly before catching herself. “No, it was only meant as a short term solution to a particular issue and it no longer needed.” A short term issue that turned out to not be what they thought it was, but that was a different issue.

Solal simply nodded. That was not the problem at hand, that was all he needed to know about it.

Myqian flicked her gaze to Solal. “How long until I can be discharged?” she asked quietly. She had so many questions about what was going on outside of this space but at the same time she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. All she knew was that he was still on the ship, even if he was undoubtedly well guarded.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Once I am sure the chloroform is completely clear, you can be discharged.” Solal started, satisfied with the scan results. Making her stay until it was completely clear was overcautious. But it was the ship XO. Overly cautious was good in Solal’s opinion. “However, I recommend resting and letting Security manage the situation. You will aggravate your injuries if you aren’t careful.” It was all delivered in a very Vulcan fashion as he stood mostly unmoving by the head of her bed.

~ Solal

“Of course,” Dira said with a sigh. She was tired of resting, but that didn’t mean she didn’t still need it. “As tempting as it is to make an escape or discharge myself against advice, I have too many people who would give me hell and I’m not sure I want to deal with that. Thank you, Doctor,” Myqian said simply, resigning herself to the situation.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Apparently you have adequate deterrents.” Solal commented. “Leaving against advice would be illogical and ill advised, as you well know.” Then he nodded. “If you need anything else, call.” Then he left for the moment.

~ Solal

While walking the corridors of the ship, Zoi seemed cool and distant as always. She looked confident and professional while in uniform even though her mind was cataloging the work she would have to do shortly to handle the breaches that William Franks had caused. For now though, her capable staff would be carrying on the investigation without her. As soon as she had determined William Franks had posed no more threat, she left him in the Brig to come to Sickbay. She desperately needed to see Dira.

She knew Dira was in good hands but that did not alleviate the worry that plagued her mind until she could see it for herself. She let go of her analytical mind, still working through the work she needed to do, as she stepped into Sickbay. All she could focus on now was her partner and how close she had come to death at the hands of a mad man. The blond woman no longer looked confident and poised. She looked worried sick. Her steps faltered for a moment as she saw Dira laying on the med bed and then in a rush, she moved to Dira’s side. “Dearest!” Her voice called, shaky and filled with emotion.

Haven, CoS

Dira turned her head and smiled softly at Zoi, though her eyes shone with tears. “Zoi,” she said, reaching her good hand out. The left wrist was still in a brace for support while it healed the rest of the way. “You know I was half tempted to release myself to my quarters, but it’s better now that you are here.” So many questions sat in her mind but she didn’t know where to begin or if she truly wanted to know right now.

Commander Myqian, XO

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