Side-sim: Sea breeze

Posted March 28, 2023, 9:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Scientist) (Matt Evans)

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Posted by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Scientist) in Side-sim: Sea breeze


“It’s not complaining but trying to feel better!” Achilleas raised his voice in frustration. He had to take a moment to regain his composure. “That sounds like you’re deflecting. You’re not sleeping well and you’ve hard difficulties meditating but the symptoms causing these things might be better managed than they currently are. You’ve lacked energy and are quickly tired which can be tied to your not eating and not breathing well. The headaches are distracting but that can be relieved too. You were getting dehydrated from obvious reasons, but was it because you were too tired to get up and get a drink? I know that you’re unwell and it sucks but you do not have to feel unwell. That is not how it should be. So why are you not getting treated? No more deflections. I want the truth.”

Solal did not react to the raising of Achilleas’ voice. He shrugged awkwardly. “I was too tired to get up. The exhaustion is… likely made worse by the other things but it is also a symptom of the illness itself. I just…” He sighed and glanced, embarrassedly, at Achilleas, “I don’t like being treated in my own sickbay, by the people I work with.”

Achilleas narrowed his eyes as he weighed the veracity of Solal’s words. It was ridiculous. Ludicrous. About the stupidest reason to feel miserable that he had ever heard. And yet that was just like Solal. “You… don’t want to be treated by people you work with?” He asked quietly. His face was subtly shifting through several emotions. He wanted to laugh, scream, cry, sigh, shake his head, and get up and leave but none of those would help right now so he took a deep breath. “I’m going to make an assumption and you are free to correct me if I’m wrong, but you do know that you’d need to leave the Ogawa for that to no longer be a… issue, right? You have nowhere to go if that’s your major hangup on this. Do we need to get you to Starfleet Medical so that you’ll take care of yourself?”


“I hope you have the time for me to finish studying medicine then. I’ll give Doctor Bonner six months to cure you and V’alura but after that I’m going to start studying.” Achilleas said with a very determined expression on his face. His expression slipped a bit at Solal’s next word. “No… that isn’t reassuring at all. I can’t lose you. I won’t lose you or your sister. I will stuff you both into stasis if I need to to have the time to find a cure.”

Sci Petrakos

“Doctor Bonner will cure us before we are in need of stasis.” Solal said again. “I am sure of it. You won’t lose us.” He sighed. “Even if my kidneys do not recover replacing a kidney isn’t too difficult these days. If my mind doesn’t recover I’ll still be alive. We have time before things get untreatably bad.”

~ Solal

“Are you hearing yourself? I’m not going to say that your intellect is all of who you are, but you won’t be you if your mind keeps deteriorating and never recovers. It’d be just like Alzheimer’s from the 21st century. What if you forget me?” Achilleas asked with a slight hitch in his voice.

Sci Petrakos

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