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V’alura slid a plate close to herself. She didn’t have much of an appetite but she was an actress and pretended to dig in and eat despite actually eating very little. “Poor thing. There’s no denying the power of the placebo effect. Though, would she appreciate you making conversation about her health with strangers?” Someone complaining about their job was understandable. A universal experience that breached cultures, languages and all of space and time. But to bring up something as personal as someone’s mental health? That crossed a line.


“Well we’re not exactly strangers since she’s here seeking treatment.” Achilleas with an easy smile while trying to ameliorate the mood. “It sounds like there might be more to the vitamins then a placebo effect though. Makes me wonder if something in it interacts with her physiology in a way that mimics a stimulant.”

CSO Petrakos

“Ah yes well as,” Su’en says before realizing he hadn’t actually caught Petrakos’ name, “Well as this fine gentleman says she is here for treatment as a VIP. If you can help her then by all means whatever I can do to help.” The social aspect of divulging privileged information to strangers didn’t seem to hit him much, either through culture or personality, he just didn’t seem fazed by the whole thing.

“And yes supplements. A mixture of banana, nuts, and avocado oil in some sort of medical pill form. All natural keeps her healthy… healthier than she would be with out them certainly.”

GM Wombat

“Ah where are my manners?” Achilleas said as he lightly tapped the bar top. “I’m Achilleas Petrakos, the Chief Science Officer. I haven’t been contacted by medical to do any analysis for them in regards to the Ambassador’s treatments, drug regimens, supplements, environmental circumstances or what have you, but if you wouldn’t mind providing a sample of her supplement I could get a jump on getting the analysis of it done. Could be an allergy to something she’s taking.”

V’alura did not frown. Her face remained pleasant, if erring towards neutral. Reguardless if the ambassador was on a medical ship, that did not make her medical history available to all Ogawa staff. “I’m a sick patient myself,” She said, gently, “And even if I was I’m a scientist, not a doctor.” She took a couple more “bites” of food, and sipped from her drink.

V’alura Belmont, sick scientist on leave

Achilleas looked towards V’alura with the smile still on his face, though sliding towards slightly awkward, but he didn’t call her out. She was correct that Su’en was breaking protocol by divulging privileged information but that wasn’t something to get into a conflict over. Though… he would have a talk with the Captain and mention this. “We’ll be sure to keep the Ambassador’s confidence.”

CSO Petrakos

The consular reached into his pocket and produced some of the pills and was just about ready to hand them over when…

The doors to the lounge slid open and in swept a petite flourish of white hair and a beaming smile. Standing at about 154 cms, the Kelakgh ambassador exuded a childlike enthusiasm despite her many decades of age. Her and Su’en came from a long lived people though, so age was difficult to assess. Her tan skin contrasted with her silver eyes and mass of silky white hair that seemed unconcerned with that pesky thing known as gravity and it floated about her head. Her breathing apparatus was very thin and all but disappeared through her wide smile. Floating to them, the billowing gauzy dress and outer robe fanned about her as she approached the table, unaware that anything was amiss.

“Su’en, there you are!” she said with a warm smile. Salin pressed her hands together in front of her, bowed and swept her hands out to her sides before lifting her head again. “And greetings to you as well,” she said to Petrakos and V’alura.

As soon as he was addressed the bottle with the pills slipped back into his pocket wordlessly, not even acknowledging their existence or the previous conversation. A brief frown was replaced by a warm and welcoming smile before he stood and returned the greeting. “Ambassador. How good to see you up and about.”

The attitude change and disappearing bottle was very strange to Achilleas and it was another thing he made a mental about.

~Mischief Maker

“Hi there!” Achilleas greeted back enthusiastically. He looked down briefly at the untouched plate of food in front of himself before motioning towards. “Are you hungry by chance? Just finished making this and you can have it if you want.”

CSO Petrakos

“Oh!” Mero said, looking at his food. “It does look very interesting, but I couldn’t take your food. In fact…” She turned her attention to Su’en and gave something of a pout. “I’ve been told no bananas, which is an absolute shame. Devastating! But! The doctor who told me about the issues suggested something called watermelon. It’s also soft and sounds utterly delightful!”

~Mischief Maker

“We might very well have some watermelon in the ship’s stores if you’d like me to check.” Achilleas offered.

“Oh,” Su’en said at that declaration. “We will have to discuss with your care providers this change in treatment, because, as you well know that is what -our- doctors recommended for you to help with your disorder.” He glanced at the other two and frowned slightly with worry before continuing, “I am becoming concerned with their competence.”

GM Wombat

Achilleas looked at Su’en and smiled as he said to him. “Our doctors are some of the finest in the galaxy. I’m unaware of the treatment plan your doctors prescribed but ours are likely eliminating various dietary options as part of the diagnostic process.”

CSO Petrakos

Salin offered a beatific smile. “I have no doubt they are doing what they believe is best,” she said. “I came here because I saw that documentary and it was so inspiring! I knew they would be able to help me.” Despite her cheeriness, the Ambassador was fighting her emotions. And her fatigue.

She frowned a little. “Oh, I am tired though and I should probably head to my quarters for a bit.” She winced in pain and pressed her hand to her heart.

=/\=Commander Walker to Ambassador Mero. Do you have a moment?=/\= he commed.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Mero startled and tapped the commbadge she was well used to having after all this time. =/\=This is Ambassador Mero. What can I do for you, Commander?”=/\= she said with a calm and measured tone.

~Mischief Maker

Su’en tried to say something else before giving a weird look at the commbadge and scoffing. Eventually he turned and picked up his basket of fries and fried pickles and waited for his boss to get off the phone before going back to his own quarters.

GM Wombat

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