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Normally a nurse or technician would conduct the procedure, but Drake elected to do it, hoping to further assuage any fears. “Don’t worry, Ambassador. This is a simple procedure and I’m an experienced trauma surgeon. You’re in safe hands.” The device was wheeled over and drake stood behind it for a moment. He took his time, finding a reasonable sample and preparing the small sample tank before initiating a transport.

-Lt Cmdr Drake Marshall, M.D.

The sample was extracted safely and the method ensured none of the Ambassador’s blood was exposed to the air. Though ignition of her blood was not super high, it was best avoided if at all possible.

~Mischief Maker

Drake picked up the sterile container and handed it to a nurse. “Have the analysis sent to my PaDD.” He then held out an imaging scanner and took detailed analysis of her cardiovascular and pulmonary condition.

-Lt Cmdr Drake Marshall, M.D.

The results came back quickly and showed that the blood cell count, percentage and development were the same as the results from the blood testing. There were no particulates in the bone marrow and aside from the low number of immature RBCs, everything else was normal growth-wise.

~Mischief Maker

Her heart and lungs were showing no structural damage, but it was clear there was an arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm) and she still had a slight shortness of breath, but it didn’t seem to be outwardly affecting her, possibly because of the breathing machine or she was just used to it.

All these tests and Salin sat there the picture of a model patient. But her unease was growing and she was digging her fingernails into her thigh. Her discomfort was interrupted by one of the guards stepping back into the space. “My Lady, the quarters are more than satisfactory, and here is the banana you requested.”

“Thank you, Kal’it,” she said, before slipping off the biobed and taking the piece of fruit. She simply turned to Marshal and Solal and with a beatific smile said, “I need a break. I shall return.” And with that, she headed for the doors.

~Mischief Maker

Alexis was monitoring the whole process from Secondary sickbay as she handled most of the morning administrative duties, while Walker got to deal with the Ambassador. Sometimes it was good to be the ‘assistant’. There were somethings she had noticed and she had some things she needed to check on anyway. So she took the lift.

When the doors opened, she didn’t look up from the PaDD as she moved into the corridor. It was Frigga’s whine that alerted her to look up. There was the Ambassador and a guard, Alexis assumed. She looked at both of them curiously. And then in true Alexis fashion…

“Ambassador Mero. I am Lt Cmdr Alexis Kane, Assistant Chief Medical Officer. You can’t eat that banana. I will get rid of it for you.”

Kane, AMO

Salin was startled by the arrival of the officer, but also the creature with her. She took a step back, her silver eyes wide. She looked at the banana in her hand and then back at Alexis with confusion. “Whatever are you talking about?” she said, breathing heavily. She just needed to be elsewhere.

The guard drew up to the Ambassador without a word, though he was clearly watching the exchange closely.

~Mischief Maker

Frigga sensing her apprehension laid down, beside Alexis, head on paws, tail wagging slowly, gazing at her.

Salin was momentarily distracted by the creature but it didn’t seem threatening and actually seemed quite pleasant.

Alexis noticed her attention, “This is Frigga. She is a Terran canine and the ship’s therapy assistance dog and unofficial morale officer.”

The Kelakgh eyed the canine with surprise, but no longer seemed worried. “She is a member of your crew. How fascinating and unusual!” Salin just adored finding out odd little details about other species and cultures. It just thrilled her to no end.

Alexis actually smiled and Frigga seeming to realize the attention wagged her tail more. “We could arrange a session with her, for you I’d you like.”

Mero seemed to give this option some serious thought, even though she said, “Perhaps.”

Alexis took a breath and offered a smile. “The banana, Ambassador. Your tests showed your potassium levels are too high. Bananas are an extremely potent source of potassium. You shouldn’t eat that.” She pointed at the banana. Then as if noticing she had stopped in the middle of the corridor and was blocking the way, she stepped to the side.

Kane, AMO

The Ambassador looked at the banana, then Alexis, and then back to the fruit and shook her head, her airy mass of white hair floating to and fro. “But…” She frowned before she reluctantly held the offending fruit out to Alexis. She had come here to ask for these people’s expertise and one of them was telling her something possibly important. The least she could do was listen.

~Mischief Maker

Alexis took it, “Thank you, Ambassador. You might enjoy plums or watermelon. They have unique flavors and textures as well, though not similar to bananas. They’re low in potassium though.”

Kane, AMO

Mero seemed genuinely disappointed to be told she couldn’t have her bananas, but the mention of other things she could eat, her curiosity was piqued, lighting up her silver eyes. “I had a plum thing once and did not care for it, but this watermelon you speak of, is it actually made of water?”

~Mischief Maker

Alexis gave a half nod, “Water melon has a 92% water content. It has a thick inedible rind with a crumbly, subtly crunch flesh. It is also refreshingly sweet. If you really want something g similar in texture to bananas try Yarisian Kansas. Different flavor though.”

Kane, AMO

“Hmmm, both those sound like interesting options. Thank you,” she said. Salin gave a bow of her head. “You’ve been most hopeful. I needed a break and I am going to go find my room or my aide. Whichever I find first.”

She took one last at the creature called Frigga and smiled before she turned and wandered off down the corridor, her guard in close proximity as he tried to give her directions depending on where she might want to go.

~Mischief Maker

Alexis turned and moved toward Primary sickbay. Frigga got up and trotted after her, quite disappointed that the two strangers hadn’t offered to greet her.

Alexis walked into the medical bay and stopped herself from asking them if they were paying attention. Instead she looked at Marshall and Solal, “Drs Marshall and Solal, if you would,” and she waved them toward Walker’s office. She stepped in and set the banana down on Walker’s desk.

Brad raised his eyebrow at the presentation of the fruit, but waited to see what the point was.

Alexis wasn’t exactly known for her tact. She addressed the three of them, “We need to update the Ambassador’s dietary restrictions. The woman has an elevated potassium count, but was allowed to leave sickbay with a banana.”

Kane, AMO

“Who gave it to her?” Brad asked.

“I don’t know. She walked out of sickbay with it though. Getting it away from her seemed too stressful for her and she left before I could inquire further.”

There was a small chirp, then a womans voice cam over the comm. =^=Engineering to Sickbay=^=

There is an pause, seemingly she waited for a response.

=/\=Bonner here. How can we help you?=/\=

=^=What is going on down there? There seems to be a larger than normal power draw that is conflicting with something in the system.=^=
Lt. (J.G.) Maria, CE (Xpost)

Brad blinked. Power drain?

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

=/\=Nothing out of the ordinary. Sickbay is fairly quiet at the moment.=/\=

She responded, though her voice showed a lot more concern.=^= I see, if nothing too important is going on, we are going to try and cycle the power to see if that helps resolve the issue. It may get dark for a few moments. But things should be right back up right after.=^=
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE (Crosspost)

=/\=Acknowledged. Bonner Out.=/\=

Bonner, AMO

=/\=Huzzen to Primary medical and Science labs. Cutting power…now.=/\= She tapped the controls and the power in both locations went dark. =/\=Power will restore in three minutes.=/\=

Lt Huzzen, eng

The lights and systems strobbed for a moment before going out. As was expected, the cacophony of medical alerts went off as the various medical systems switched over to the local backup power systems. After three minutes there was a surge, all the systems flipped back to ship power and then powered off again, dead in the water.

Life support, and environmental systems still worked but no lights or power to the medical systems.

GM Wombat


“What the Hell…?” Brad said, trailing off, before the situation caught up with him.

=/\=GALEN, is Secondary Medical still online?=/\= he asked.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

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