Engineering- What to do (Tag Huzzen)

Posted June 5, 2023, 11:24 a.m. by Lieutenant Navale Huzzen (Engineer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Maria (Chief Engineer) in Engineering- What to do (Tag Huzzen)

Posted by Lieutenant Navale Huzzen (Engineer) in Engineering- What to do (Tag Huzzen)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Maria (Chief Engineer) in Engineering- What to do (Tag Huzzen)
Maria walked about the main engineering, she looked thoughtful as she headed through. She studied a PADD as she wandered about before frowning. She walked over to the main console and then pulled up a section of the ship, before she then pulled up a subsection and looked. She seemed to be looking at the port nacelle she looked at the information and frowned, as there were lines in the nacelle, each one of them was a blinking yellow save for one, that was a deep static red. She her frown deepend for just a moment before she smiled. She spoke up and called out. “Lt. Huzzen.”
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE

There was a loud clatter followed by a crash and a muttered curse into the relative silence of Engineering. Then the doors to a storage room opened…It was chaotic order. Navale was working in repairing a group of spanners and there were pieces and parts all over the work table. Apparently the chief’s sudden summons had caught her in deep concentration and she’d knocked over what she was working on to the floor. She was quickly picking up the scattered innards of the device.

She looked up and grinned, “Yes, Chief?” She put the parts on the table and hurried over.

Huzzen, eng

Maria turned and then blinked before she chuckled softly. She was not all that supprised. “It seems that there is something wrong with one of the warp coils in the port nacel. I want you to come with me to check it out.” She said chuckling. “See if it’s something we can try and fix or if we need to head to a star base to have it replaced. I’ll let you finish up here then we’ll head to the nacel. Meet me in my office when finished please.”

“Yes chief.” Huzzen hurried back into the room to finish her work.

Maria waited, and listened to anything Huzzen had to say before she headded into her office.
Lt. J.G.Maria,CE

After 15 minutes decided that one spanner was going to need a lot of work and may need to just be scrapped. She put things away and grabbed her tool kit. She pressed the chime to Maria’s office. “All set Chief.”

Huzzen, eng

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