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Posted June 5, 2023, 4:26 p.m. by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Executive Officer) in Lounge- Getting to Know You

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Lounge- Getting to Know You

Posted by Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Executive Officer) in Lounge- Getting to Know You
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Sinclair chuckled and said “I’m guessing you have never dealt with a MWR officer before, have you? They are a… special… lot. Part party-planner, part cruise director, part diplomat, part counselor. The ones I have met have level of patience and organizational capability I could only dream of.” and he laughed. “We had two in my Command class. I tell you, I have never met anyone more perpetually upbeat and socially aware than those two. It was almost ridiculous.”


Dira gave him a lopsided smile. “Well, it sounds like we could have used one on my last posting. Though I’m not sure that would have helped,” she said with a light laugh, even as her jaw tightened. There was only so much morale boosting one could have done with all that nonsense. Not that people had known about a lot of it beyond that initial incident. But still, the tension that had been on the ship for a long while was… whew.


Royal looked at her and said “Must’ve been a real nightmare for you to tense up like that just thinking about it.” and then he grinned. “And form my own experience with them, I think that for as much morale building as they do for the general crew, I’m guessing they are a real pain in the arse for Command to have’ta deal with.” and he laughed.


She let his accurate observation pass by and simply focused on the rest. “You know, it’s that age old story where you invite the bosses to the party and everyone stops having fun,” Dira said with a grin. “It wasn’t always that way, but just you watch when you start to mingle. And if it doesn’t happen to you, then I know the rest of the truth.” She laughed a little and shook her head. She understood the other issue all too well and there was usually very little you could do about it except do what she was now accustomed to doing. After today? It was even more important.


“Well, I’m never one to shy away from a party, so I will let you know.” he said with a grin. “Although I will say… I strive to to be accessible. And I really try to draw a firm line between the job and my down time. Part of self-care is knowing not to overindulge in anything… be that pleasure or necessity.” and he chuckled. “But don’t mention that if I ever come across a few bottles of McEwan’s. That, my dear Captain, is the very nectar of the gods and I’d drink my weight in it if I could.” and he gave her a wink.


Dira laughed. “I’ve been known to kick back with a glass of something myself. Willow kept a bottle in her desk that was a gift and she brought it out for specific occasions. It was pretty good,” she said with a grin.

The easy flow of the conversation was, one, a good sign, and two, allowed her to keep the rest of the difficulties at bay. She wasn’t even sure if she could process everything that had happened today, let alone anything from before.

“So what do you think, will you make rounds to the departments and introduce yourself, or will you wait till we all get together for the plethora of meetings that always need to happen?”


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