Alternate Timeline - Reporting In

Posted June 6, 2023, 6:06 p.m. by Lieutenant Bryn Shar (Head Nurse) (D Grisham)

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Posted by Lieutenant Bryn Shar (Head Nurse) in Alternate Timeline - Reporting In

Posted by Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Executive Officer) in Alternate Timeline - Reporting In
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The Ogawa was the most advanced ship Bryn had ever served on and she was excited as she approached the first officer’s private work place. It was random circumstance that had her reporting to his office instead of the bridge, but that was fine with her. Royal Sinclair had a background in counseling which was uppermost in her mind when she palmed the chime on his door.

Shar smoothed the front of her uniform as she waited for admittance. Head nurse was a very particular position and required a very organized mind. She knew she was good at the job, and hoped the XO would agree.


The door slid open and voice said “Come in.” The room beyond was set up to be both welcoming and professional. A deep red carpet contrasted tastefully with the light color walls, and shelves were attached across the sides and back of the room. On the shelves sat mementos of the room’s chief occupant… a book in a transparent case, a broken tricorder, a serpent-like reptile in a glass jar, and an oblong ball of some kind covered in writing. In addition to these items were various model ships, both star-faring and nautical. They seemed to be handcrafted and meticulous in their design and execution.

A pair of chairs sat in front of the lone desk in the room which, in turn, was set at an angle in the corner to allow the desk’s occupant to see out the tall, narrow window on the wall furthest inside. Seated at the desk, but standing up as the new Head Nurse walked in, was a human male probably in his early to mid thirties. He was not what a Counselor normally looked like: tall, broad shouldered and more than well-muscled; the blonde haired man smiled at Shar and said “Hello. I am Commander Sinclair, ship’s Executive Officer.” He held out his hand and said “How may I help you, Lieutenant?”

Sinclair, XO

Bryn entered and looked around as she made her way over to Sinclair. “I’m Lt Bryn Shar, the new Head Nurse.” She clasped the offered hand and then straightened up. “I was informed you’ve been without one for several weeks so I’m eager to get started.” He was a big one, wasn’t he? She wasn’t sure she’d ever met a human as tall as the first officer. However, his width matched his height so he was absolutely proportional. He was an excellent example of ‘good genes’ so she made a mental note to look at his medical records to see if there was anything unusual that his size could be contributed to.

“I just wanted to introduce myself and get the lay of the land, so to speak.”


“Please be seated, Lieutenant.” Sinclair said and gestured to one the chairs, taking his seat after she had seated herself. “Well, first of all allow me to welcome you to the Ogawa. We are very pleased that someone of your caliber was available. As for the lay of the land?” and he chuckled slightly. “You may have come to the wrong office. I have only been on board a couple of weeks, myself.” His words carried a heavy accent of some kind, although he was clearly spoken and easy to understand. “So tell me what made you choose the Ogawa, Lieutenant?”

Sinclair, XO

Taking a seat, Bryn folded her hands in her lap. “I didn’t actually choose the Ogawa, it chose me. My personnel file has had an active notification in it for the last three years stating I wanted to join a medical ship. I guess when the opening came about on the Ogawa, my name was put onto the list of candidates. I don’t know who I owe my thanks to, but I was told of the transfer ten days ago so here I am.” She smiled at Sinclair, her good mood apparent. “I’m hoping it will only take a few weeks to get caught up on paperwork and requests and to meet the department heads and learn their idiosyncrasies.” It was always a good thing when she could anticipate the needs of those in her department, instead of waiting around and getting caught without a perceived necessity.


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