Side sim- A Wandering Engineer

Posted June 6, 2023, 9:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Maria (Chief Engineer) (D Inman)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Maria (Chief Engineer) in Side sim- A Wandering Engineer

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Side sim- A Wandering Engineer
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Maria hopped up from the crate and smiled. “I would absolutely love to continue to wander with you Captain. Hmm there is much of the ship that I have not seen.” Maria pulled out her PADD and then looked at a deck overview her face scrunched with thought and concentration. “The arboretum would be nice… but that’s a no go… Hmmm… Theres… that one… that one… Well, I’m torn if I’m honest Captain. I would love to go to the shuttlebay on deck 9B and check out the shuttlecraft… but also part of me wants to go look at the facilities on deck 4… I’m honestly split between the two.” She said in a slightly exasperated manner.
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE

The shuttlebay was innocuous, but then so were the other spaces. But though it didn’t necessarily make sense, this idea of being on this side of Deck 9 seemed that tiny bit safer. She gave Maria a smile. “You know what, we can do both. Deck 9B is on our way.” She could do that, right? They could take a turbolift ride up to 8A and cross over and easy peasy, right?

Captain Myqian, CO

Maria continued to think while she walked back to the turbolift. “If it gets too bad Captain, let me know, we can turn around. I wouldn’t want to take you through something that would harm you mentally or physically.” She said as she pressed the button to bring them to the deck.
Lt. (J.G.) Maria, CE

It was ridiculous! She was a starship captain and this was her ship. She could go wherever she wanted and needed to go (within the obvious limitations) and while she understood her hesitation, the fact that a member of her crew needed to hold her hand through visiting a deck on her ship was just irritating. “I’ll be fine,” Dira said stoically before offering a smile. The space they were going to was different anyway, wasn’t it? A letter difference. Was enough? Surely it had to be. Never ind how she had felt when the Admiral and Sinclair had arrived.

Captain Myqian, CO

The turbolift stopped onto deck 8A. Maria took in a breath and smiled at the Captain making sure to keep an eye on her face, and trying to gauge her stress response by her facial expression. She wasn’t trained in it, and this would likely go horribly wrong with her inexperience but she would try! Maria stepped out onto the deck. “These… are the science labs right?” She asked as they went by, her natural curiosity to see things would have her read what the door said, then approach the door to have it open. She would take a brief peek inside of the area then return back to the corridor and back to the Captain’s side.
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE

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