Side-sim: Time well spent?

Posted June 7, 2023, 9:50 p.m. by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Chief Science Officer) in Side-sim: Time well spent?

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Side-sim: Time well spent?

Posted by Lieutenant Achilleas Petrakos (Chief Science Officer) in Side-sim: Time well spent?
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She nodded slowly. “Sometimes people just need space to figure things out for themselves. As much as we want to help them get better and be better, or cope, or whatever, in the end it is up to them. The line is knowing when you need to intervene and when to back off, and I know from experience that that line can be hard to find and sometimes exceedingly thin when you do.” She eyed the glass of wine, momentarily lost in thought.

Captain Myqian, CO

Achilleas shrugged as he struggled to find the words to convey his frustration. “It’s not like he and I are married so I get the idea that he wants to be independent and self-sufficient but isn’t the premise of friendship to help cover for what your friend doesn’t have the energy to do? Why we just did a scientific experiment on whether hugs can affect a Vulcan’s autonomic nervous system similarly to a humans.” He would not be sharing this were he not deeply drunk. “Now admittedly he’s also half Human but the results proved positive in lower his resting heartrate after a minute long hug and significantly lowered it at two and a half minutes. I don’t know if a longer hug would have decreased it further because the test subject fell asleep.”

CSO Petrakos

Dira sipped some more of her wine, conscious of the fact that she was making quick headway through it and that she couldn’t care less. She smirked at his last statement. “Well, that would be a difficult variable to ignore, but despite what some Vulcans would have you think, touch is greatly impactful. They are touch telepaths, after all. I could tell you the results for me easily enough, but there is same variability given my mixed abilities. Haliians are very touch sensitive and responsive. Betazoids a bit less so, but that’s because of their ability for full telepathy. And then mix that together and the variable get interesting.”

“In any case, friendship is about helping yes, but sometimes you have to give them space to want the help. You can do more harm forcing that help upon them. Also, if they are stating their needs and you aren’t listening and instead giving them what you think they need, then there is a disconnect.” She thought back to his earlier comment about her not being a doctor who tried to heal herself. No, she wasn’t, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t capable to doing things for herself either.

Captain Myqian, CO

Achilleas didn’t hear anything of what Dira said after mentioning Haliians being touch sensitive and responsive to it as well. Would the experiment show a similar result? “Captain would you be willing to test a similar theory and see how exactly hugs affect Haliians?” He asked with no filter between brain and mouth. His mind was literally thinking of the various scientific controls needed and variables to account for.

CSO Petrakos

The one thing about being the telepath that she was was that she knew he wasn’t asking for inappropriate reasons, and her being intoxicated meant her mental barriers were lower than even usual. To her benefit, she had had less wine than Achilleas and could actually parse what he was asking. “Now? Here?” she asked, her brows pressing against her ridges and bulges.

Captain Myqian, CO

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