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The doors to Engineering opened and a large figure walked inside wearing the red of Command… the new XO. “Lieutenant Maria, report please.” he said as he walked directly to her. “We are getting all kinds of power fluctuations in Sickbay and the Labs. Any idea what’s going on?”

Sinclair, XO

Maria turned and some of the color drained out of her face as she came to a sort of attentive stance. “Well, we had an alarm trip from Sickbay, and the Science labs.. it seemed that something happened that caused a compentition for power between the two areas. We tried to cycle power away from both areas to see if that would clear the compete. But now we can not cycle power back to the areas. We ran a trace and found that one of the junctions was tripped, and would have to be reset manually. We were just checking to see if there was a team in the affected area and were going to either deploy the nearest team, or gsther a team hereand deploy to the area. Once the junction is reset hopefuly we will be able to get the power back to those areas Sir.” She said as quickly as could be understood.
Lt. J.G. Maria,CE

Sinclair nodded and said “Okay. Was the junction tripped automically? Or did someone or something trip it? And do we know what caused the power Flux to begin with?” he asked. He wasn’t scolding or judgemental, he seemed to simply be asking for information. As he asked, he moved to a console and began running a trace program, but not an Engineering one… this was a Security check of power distribution administration requests over the past three standard days.

Sinclair, XO

Maria shook her head “Based on the fact that we had just received a warning, and when we ran diagnostics it showed that there was a race condition that had started between the two. I commed to both areas, and neither area was doing anything that they claimed. So seeing as nothing was going on, the start was to see if taking the power away would eliminate the race condition, as there would no longer be a competition between the two. I would think that the junction tripped automatically when we cycled the power away but I am unsure at this moment. All we can tell from here is that we can not restore the junction from here and need to do so manually. I was hoping that our trace earlier would have given us some info on it. Once we restore the junction I had planned on running it again.” She said as took out her PADD and pulled up the list of teams on assignment, and began to search to see if any teams were near the affected junction.
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE

For teams near the affected area, that would be whomever the CE had assigned to that location (OOC: You can use NEs if you want or real characters, I leave that to you).

The security check though showed a lot of activity in that section but nothing that would trigger any alarms. Lots of engineers entering the tubes around those junctions, and levels above and below but all had pre-authorized work statements and none of them were anything to do with the power relays. Most of it was related to routine maintenance activities required of hospital ships. However, dating back to the trip to Unroth III, there was a slow but steady increase of power demand on that level.

GM Wombat

Sinclair pointed to the display and said “Chief, what do you make of this?” and indicated the powerr draw.

Sinclair, XO

Maria walked over to the console, and looked at the display. She frowned and her face scrunched up which made her look like she thought about the answer. After a few moments of silence, she looked to him. “One of two things… either the parts to the EPS on that level have degraded to a point where they are no longer efficent… or.... Well, We have a stow away on that level that has patched into the EPS grid…” She said her voice sounded like she deffintly didn’t like either idea though she would be less upset with the first. She taps the console a few times, and looks up to see when the last time the EPS manifold and junctions for the deck had been maintenanced and / or replaced.
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE

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GM Wombat

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