Goodbyes Make You Think

Posted Sept. 30, 2023, 9:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Kane (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Alexis stood in her quarters. The ones assigned to her. Now that they were married these would be reassigned. She’d never moved into them. For her they were her father’s quarters. She watched him pack. “Do you have to leave?

Anthony stopped packing and walked over and set his hands on her shoulders. “Yeah Nugget, I do.”

“You could stay. You could take the offer.” Now that Alexis had her father around, she didn’t want him to leave.

Anthony chuckled and pulled her into a huge hug. “No, I couldn’t. You’re married now, and you don’t need your old man hanging around getting in the way.” He kissed the top of her head, “Besides, you and Kane are leaving for your honeymoon. I’m going to take that position in the Sector. We’ll be closer. It won’t be ten years before I see you again. Besides, Frigga might forget me.”

The dog lifted her head, her fail sweeping the floor, as her ears perked forward.

“I’m sorry about mom.”

Her father leaned back and looked her hard in the eye. “No. That is not your fault or because of you. I am so very proud of the woman you have become and the child you were. I love you so much, Alexis. I would change absolutely nothing about you.”

Alexis hugged him hard. “I love you, Daddy.” She hadn’t expected to see her parents when they arrived. She had always thought they had a happy marriage, but weren’t happy being parents. Now, she knew her mother was just a miserable person. Nothing would ever make her happy.

They had docked a the starbase the day before. The trial for Alisson had been conducted on board. She had been found guilty of assault and harassment. The first order of business upon docking had been the transfer of Alisson Bonner to Starbase security for the courts to decide her sentence.

Alisson’s high priced divorce lawyer had washed their hands of her when they found out. The transfer of the bakery was complete, and her father had taken a new position within the Academy.

Alexis and Solomon were taking a shuttle to a nearby system and a planet that didn’t have any Brass or responsibilities and, according to Solomon, they could do whatever the hell they wanted without any self-important @$$holes bothering them.

“I love you too, Alexis.” Anthony squeezed her and stepped back. “Come on. So far, that husband of yours hasn’t had a reason to make my, remains disappear. I won’t have you be late on my account.” Anthony laughed and grabbed his bag as Alexis and Frigga led the way out the door.

Alexis and Anthony

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