Side sim- A Wandering Engineer

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Maria turned in her chair to the door and gave a warm smile towards Dr Royal. “Good morning sir. I know it’s quite early… but well I think the Captain can explain better than I can.” She said before turning back to look at the Dira.

Dira sipped as well. “Well, Maria and I have been brainstorming after we ran into each other this morning and I think it might work nicely with something else I was discussing with Commander Marshall. He and I were discussing possible emergency medical drills, and then when Maria and I were talking we broached the idea of both R&R on a planet and a reason to land the ship, since we’ve not had the opportunity to so far. So, I want to run this by you to get your thoughts. So… what would you say to crafting a large scale emergency for the ship that would test not just the medical staff, but everyone. And whatever scenario we come up with would necessitate landing the ship. Once the drill is over, we’re already at a nice pre-picked planet and everyone gets R&R and gets that morale booster we were talking about.”

Captain Myqian, CO

Maria didn’t say anything at first letting it all soak in. She did have a large grin on her face.

Sinclair was silent a moment and sipped his coffee. “I think…” he said after a few moments, “… that that is an excellent idea. And if I may make a suggestion…” and he stood and moved to the room’s holodisplay. “We need a planet that one, we can land on without risk to the ship. Two, that we can have enough space to run something along the lines of a mass casualty scenario.” He tapped as he spoke. “Three, that has the facilities to support the crew for an R&R leave. And four, that has the additional facilities that can handle repairs if the landing goes awry.” He looked at the two of them and said “Agree?” and then went back to searching for a list of planetary candidates.

Sinclair, XO

Maria nodded. “I had immagined like a total wargame simulation… that we may be able to test, and possibly run a heavy stress test for certain systems and equipment… we know about theoritical limmits that we should not cross, but each equipment still in manufacturing even with material replicators may be ever so slightly different. I hope that we don’t have to use anything near the limit however it would be a good idea to know what those limits are incase we need to push something just right before the breaking point. The idea for me at least is a test of several systems and features we have not used so that we can train and make sure we do know how to use and opperate those systems and features. I do agree with all of these things you have said Commander.” Maria said and nodded.
Lt. J.G. Maria, CE

Dira took a sip of her coffee. “In my discussion with Commander Marshall, he suggested something like an attack, even suggesting the Borg. I was a bit uncertain whether that would be taking it too far, especially for those that have served longer careers and might have personal experience with the Borg, but that or an equivalent level of threat seems in line with what the Engineering and Emergency Medicine departments need to test. Now, I’ve not spoke to anyone else in the Medical department so far and we would as a senior staff need to decide who all would be involved, but the original through about all of this is that it would be a surprise to most of the crew. However we choose to craft the drill though, if it is a surprise to many, we need to be aware of the psychological impact. I dislike affecting the crew in that way, but it is our reality as a front-line support vessel. We need to be prepared for intense situations, and be able to support the crew through that.”

Captain Myqian, CO

Sinclair thought for a moment and then said “From a training perspective, I would say that we do not tell anyone outside of us until the scenario begins. That way the Department Heads as well as their teams will get some response training. We can pull them aside after the beginning and let them know. But it would be a good idea to get a gauge of how they will respond to an event… at least initially.”

Sinclair, XO

Maria nodded. “Agreed, I do think the Borg would be a touch too far… maybe a Ferengi deal gone bad, and then it snowballed? It’s not that much of a stretch…” She said thinking. “It will be good to judge all of our Rapid Tactical Responses.” She said in agreement.
Lt.J.G. Maria, CE

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