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“We can take him to the Brig.” She continued after the XO as she made her way to the man named Su’en. “And hold him there until we are able to transfer him to your government security officials.” Zoi was tall and confident. She held the air of someone who should not be trifled with, though Kane was certainly a more obvious deterrent. She placed her hand on Su’en’s shoulder, ready for him to make any move.”

Haven, CoS

“Get him out of my presence. I’ve no doubt my government will handle the matter,” the Ambsaddor said, lifting her chin slightly, despite the tears that threatened her eyes.

“Ambassador, I suggest you resume resting,” Solal said, seemingly ignoring the situation with the aide. It was well handled anyway, and the poisoner wasn’t his patient. “You are still ill and in our ICU. You should not be getting up at this time.”

~ Solal

Mero tore her gaze off her duplicitous aide and to the doctors. Worry swept over her face. “How sick am I truly? Will I recover?” She trusted these doctors but they also had never treated a Kelakgh before.

~Mischief Maker

The Kelakgh guards looked at Haven and one shook his head slowly when she touched him. They would handle it, she only needed to lead the way.

The man struggled against his own guards and continued his diatribe, “I didn’t try to kill you! Just make you too ill to travel.” He spits as he rolls his shoulders, “The tea should have only made you listless if there are other problems you did that to yourself. Probably from your treatments by these charlatans.” He rolled his eyes before continuing, “For what it is worth, you were right to trust me, but your ease of trust will be your down fall.”

Zoi’s brow rose as the man clearly did not understand that he should stop incriminating himself. Was he so angry his plan didn’t succeed that he lost common sense? Or had he simply become fully unraveled, the change having been slowly coming? She couldn’t tell but it wasn’t her place to judge. She just had to do her job and make sure he was secure.

Sinclair glared at the figure. “Only if the individuals she trusts are not worthy of the honor. Bit perhaps you have taught the Ambassador a valuable lesson and she won’t be so quick to do so in the future. Congratulations, sir… you have helped her become an even better diplomat.”

The first guard roughly shook the man before turning back to Have, “Lead the way. He clearly has had a mental lapse.”

GM Wombat

She nodded, respecting the ambassadors security as she would her own. Did she want to take control? Yes, but she was not in charge of the ambassadors constant safety and she imagined they were kicking themselves internally for not having caught this before now. She left half her security force at sick bay and led the way to the brig.

As they took him away, Mero jsut watched, both angry and heartbroken. None of it made any sense!

“Mental lapse?” Kane asked, followed by a shake of his wild-haired head. “Naw… he’s just a pr!<k.” He looked the Ambassador’s vitals and then stood back a bit to review the most recent test results.

With things safer and Marshall and Solal present to care for their patient, Alexis turned to Walker. “I will go see if I can expedite the lab results of those supplements he has been giving her. It might be prudent to ask the Ambassador to have her room and the aides searched for any other substances.”

Brad nodded, and turned to give an order, before hesitating. Sometimes, when you wanted something done right…

Then she left the ICU and headed in the direction if the secondary medical labs just down the corridor.

Instead, he grabbed a respirator of his own and entered the ICU room.

“Well, this has been a bit more exciting than I’m sure we were all expecting,” he said to Mero. “I think we should get to the part of the intake that we hadn’t reached when the banana incident happened. What are you taking that isn’t part of a standard diet for a Kelakagh? Any medications prescribed, or supplements you’re taking with or without a prescription?”

Kane, AMO

Kane, R&D

Sinclair, XO

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

“Don’t leave anything out, Lady. Now isn’t the time to hold back.” tattooed Kane said sternly. Or maybe it was compassionately… who really could tell with him?

Kane, R&D

Mero was still trying to wrap her mind everything, but more than that she was deeply worried for herself and no one seemed t want to answer her most pressing question. That deepened her fear and the monitors showed that spike in heart rate. Given her ill state, it certainly wasn’t good for her. She hauled her weak body up onto the biobed and took a deep, if laboured, breath. “Umm, I’ve been eating lots of different foods. I like trying new things and we check to make sure that there’s no allergic reaction and they are compatible with our physiology. But bananas have been my favourite new thing and Su’en got them for me often. He also makes my morning tea. I always have a cup or two.”

~Mischief Maker

One of the security ensign stepped forward. “The ambassadors quarters have been locked down until such time as the Ambassador can assist overseeing the search.”

“Thank you, Ensign,” Brad said.

Brad noted that down, trying not to let his frown show. They would have to get with a non-scheming member of the Ambassador’s staff to work up a diet plan that included only native dishes until her potassium levels were closer to normal. “Was the tea included in the things we took from him, or would that be back in your quarters?”

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Lying down and feeling weary, the Kelakgh sighed. “I think he had some on him, so it was confiscated. But, and I don’t mean to keep asking, but no one answered and I’m worried. Am I going to die? Will I recover?” she asked, her silver eyes intense. She did not know medicine beyond a bit of basic biology, so this whole thing was beyond her just.

~Mischief Maker

Haven, CoS

Brad made a note that they likely had a sample of the tea, and to check in with Alexis to review the results later.

He then looked up and made eye contact with Mero, trying to project confidence and reassurance. “Twenty minutes ago, my answers to both of those questions would have been an unequivocal ‘no’ and ‘absolutely.’ But that was when we didn’t know your body was being actively sabotaged. So right now, I can only say ‘probably not’ and ‘hopefully.’“

Mero frowned, as much as her face seemed to want to. She was generally such a happy person that negative emotions always displayed more subtly. All she could think in this moment was whether she’d make it home and see her spouse and children again.

He sighed. “This discovery has really complicated things, in as much as now we have to get your blood chemistry back into normal ranges for your people and see if that alone takes care of all your symptoms, before we can do any further investigations. And even then, the damage the sabotage already did might have lingering effects that can’t be completely reversed.”

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff
Bearer of Bad News

“I see.”

Sinclair looked at the Chief of Staff and then took a breath and looked at the Ambassador. “Madame Ambassador, I am certain that you can appreciate Dr. Walker’s… candor… but know that we will do everything within our power to ensure that you recover as best as is medically possible. You are in the best hands in Star Fleet with our crew. And we will do everything we can to get you on your feet and feeling better. Just listen to the doctors and be as honest and forthcoming as you can with how you feel or what thoughts you may have, alright?”

Sinclair, XO

It was hard to be the dignified presence that an Ambassador normally portrayed when you were too exhausted to even sit up. “Alright, thank you Commander.” She smiled softly. “I guess I was right to insist on coming here. I know everyone was just indulging me, but when I saw that documentary my instincts told me it was the right place to be.”

~Mischief Maker

“Well, given who was most adamant against you coming here,” Brad said, before trailing off. “He had to know it was only a matter of time before his malfeasance was uncovered once you got into the hands of some physicians he hadn’t hand-picked or suborned to look the other way.”

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

“Indeed.” Sinclair agreed. He smiled at the Ambassador and said “Now then. You must relax a bit. You are in good hands, and we will do everything possible to help. If you will excuse me.” and he inclined his head to the Ambassador. He looked at Walker and said “Send me an update every couple of hours, please. Or if there are any significant findings or changes. Thank you.”

Sinclair, XO

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