Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

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Kane looked at Alexis. =/\= Thanks. See ya. =/\= he aid and then “Did you bring everything we might need? And did you download all the files you want to review on the way?”


“Clothes, no uniforms, yes I brought my PaDD with all my files on it, your sleep mask, my light, and that crazy black bag of yours. I don’t really know what else you might need.” Solomon had had been called away a few times, but she had never gone with him.

Kane, AMO

“Might want to bring an emergency medical kit and a tool kit from the labs.” He thought for a moment and then said “Tell you what, you grab that stuff and meet me at my lab. Knock first. I’ll let you in.” and he stood up and kissed her cheek before walking out the door.

Alexis nodded and stood up, “Come on Frigga.” She walked to the door, “GALEN take Frigga to Cpt Myqian.” Frigga took off following the whistles. Alexis shoved her emergency kit in the bag and took it with her.

A brief stop by Security to procure some things from his own locker that absolutely should be stored in Security and he went to his lab. Walking inside, he said “Hey, Dalton. I’m back. I’ve got somethings to talk to you about. And someone for you to meet.”

Kane, R&D

The air shimmered and Corinne appeared in her usual Grecian style gown, a wary expression on her face. “Meet someone?”

“A doctor. Probably one of the most gifted and brilliant doctors in all of Star Fleet.” Kane said.

Alexis picked up a tool kit and added it to their bag and then made her way to Solomon’s lab. She paused and rapped her knucles against the door.

Kane, AMO

The knock startled her and Cori moved around the other side of the worktable, hands placed on the top, her all too vivid eyes watching the door intently. If she had had a heart rate, it would have jumped upwards at that moment. She chided herself on her reaction, but she knew that her fear of unknown people was well earned and not about to dissipate any minute soon.

~Corinne Dalton

Kane opened the door and closed it behind Alexis. “Doctor Alexis. This Lieutenant Corinne Dalton, formerly of the USS Saracen computer core and now a resident of the Kane Home for Wayward Consciousness. Lieutenant, I think between Dr. Alexis and I, we can help you… if yiu are down for it.”

Kane, R&D

Alexis would have given him a funny look over the name if she wasn’t staring at Dalton with fascination. Her mind registered the reason for the name change. “Hello Lt.” Alexis walked towards her and then paused on the other side of the work bench. “I understand someone damaged your body and won’t give you a new one. That is very bad for your health. Perhaps we can do something about that.”

Kane, AMO

Cori gazed peered at Alexis for several moments before she found words to respond. “A more accurate way to put it is that it was not possible and also very ill-advised at the time. But now…”

“It was possible, and only ill-advised because they let fear dictate what was possible. That is not so here.” Alexis told her.

She shook her head. “No, you misunderstand. I was the one that was unsure if I could take the risk. There were no guarantees, even if we had a suitable means to move my consciousness into an artificial body.” Cori sighed. “I would have rather stayed in the computer than be only a fraction of myself. I was having a hard time truly considering the option.”

She glanced between Kane and Dr. Alexis an then stared at the cube that had contained her unaware for two years. “Kane tells me that the ban on synthetics is over, so I suppose my existing in an artificial body wouldn’t be illegal. But what then? What about those that put me in there”-she gestured to the cube-“and left me. Won’t they come after me? Or will I have to hide away-” She waved her hands in front of her and stepped away. “I’m getting ahead of myself. Besides it wouldn’t be any worse than living in this room for eternity, and annoying you every time you’re working in here, right?” she said, turning back and offering Kane a smirk.

“If Royal were here, he’d encourage me to choose for me, because so many people keep choosing for me.” Dalton approached the table, gripping the edge tightly, her vivid blue eyes becoming almost electric in their intensity as she all but stared them down. “Tell me more about this body.” And just like that the futile feelings from earlier washed away, replaced by an anger-fuelled determination. There would be hell to pay, and if that looked like her simply existing when others said she should not, well, so be it.

~Corinne Dalton

“Dunno yet. But from what I can gather so far, it’s a mostly biological body with bio-sythetic neural interface. Like… a Soong android, but grown, not built. We don’t have the particulars, but we will when Dr. Alexis and I go and get it.” Kane explained. “And that’s the bad news. We’re gonna have to go get it, and it’s a trip. We’ll be gone about two or three weeks. And that means you’ll be by yourself.” He watched her closely to see her reaction.

Kane, R&D

Kane, AMO

Dalton blinked, her eyes widening. “Mostly biological? Wait, what?” She stepped back and forced herself to take breaths, to process all the things he was saying. She looked at Kane. “You know, you really pack a lot into a few sentences. You really need to give a gal time to process one thing before you toss another,” she said with a smirk.

“You have no idea,” Alexis said.

Corinne looked around the room and then at the cube. They didn’t know or understand her deep, deep fear about being stuck in a small dark space. But that was not this room, and the rough computer core she could play in allowed her a measure of stimulation she wouldn’t otherwise have. “What is something happens?” She fought back holographic tears, her hands tightening into fists. “I know you can’t give me any guarantees, but I’m so tired of being forgotten about, of not existing as far as other people are concerned. I don’t want to be stuck in this room forever. I understand you’re still… concerned, but I don’t want to be a prisoner. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

~Corinne Dalton

Kane thought for a minute and then said “Got it.” and he walked out the door.

“I really hate it when he does that,” Cori grumbled before casting a glance at Alexis.

The doctor shrugged, “Get used to it.”

A few moments later, Kane came back in and said “Ok. I set up an automated message to go that guy you mentioned… Royal Whatever. Sinclair. Your friend from the Saracen. If something happened and we don’t come back within a month, he gets a message detailing everything that has happened in this lab with you, where the lab is, and access to get in. And I don’t believe he is very far from here… closer than the body we’re gonna steal, er, ‘procure’-” and he did air quotes with his fingers, “- is. So he can come get you if we end up getting caught.” He looked at Alexis and grinned wickedly. “Like thats gonna happen.” He looked back at Dalton and said “How’s that? That work for you?”

Kane, R&D

Some many details. Had she still been in the Saracen’s computer, she would been able to process things at a much faster rate, but she was just herself, unenhanced and, after a diagnostic, dealing with a lot of discrepancies. She guessed she would have time to work on those while they were gone though, would she?

Dalton nodded. “Okay. I appreciate that. And also, just so you know, whatever you did with that pseudo core is helping. There is a lot less pain. So thank you.” She didn’t want them to think she was ungrateful for the help they were seemingly offering her, but she was still trying to process everything and it was… a lot!

“Pain?” She could feel pain? Then she waved it away. “We’ll discuss that later. Keep working with the core, that will help the most.”

“So… you’re stealing a mostly biological body” Cori tipped her head upwards. “Huh, and here I thought my days of living in a holonovel were over.” She looked back at them and smirked. “At least we won’t be bored. But please, don’t get yourselves into trouble, not on my behalf. Be… careful.”

~Corinne Dalton

Alexis laughed, “Don’t worry we will be fine.” She looked at Kane, “We should get going.”

Kane, AMO

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