Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous

Posted Nov. 23, 2023, 3:11 p.m. by Frigga (Thera-pet) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous

Posted by Frigga (Thera-pet) in Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous
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Frigga trotted along, following GALEN’s whistles. She sat and waited until the lift door opened and she stepped on and laid in the back. She was given lots of attention from those coming on and off. She waited patiently, but GALEN’s whistles never called her off the lift. Finally the lift stopped and GALEN whistled. Frigga was alone in the lift and she padded to the door and stopped. She wasn’t familiar with this deck. It was large and open and not a hallway. No one seemed to be paying attention to her, and GALEN’s whistle was at a pitch only she could hear. She sat at the door but wouldn’t come out of the lift. Her mom always took her new places first. Frigga wasn’t allowed anywhere that her mom hadn’t taken her.

=/\=Frigga Come of the Lift. You are being a bad dog. Come Frigga.=/\= GALEN ordered, but Frigga didn’t budge at the order from the disembodied voice. GALEN repeated the order again, but Frigga did not enter the bridge. The bridge crew was smirking and watching as GAELN struggled to make the dog listen.


Dira rose from the centre chair and moved around the seats, up the two stairs to upper back part of the bridge. She crouched to one knee in front of the turbolift and held out her left arm, her wrist now equipped with her new brace. “Come, Frigga. I know this is all a little confusing, but it’s okay, you’re allowed on the Command Deck,” she said in a soothing voice and a genuine smile etched onto her face.

Captain Myqian, CO

Frigga saw Dira and wagged her tail and whined in confusion. She stretched her nose and sniffed the hand and brace. Dira was hurt. Well she was wearing her vest, so this must be why she was here. She moved off the lift, slipping her head under Dira’s hand and letting it slide down her back. The Frigga turned so she was standing beside the captain with Dira’s left wrist supported along Frigga’s back.


The silky fur slid beneath her fingertips and it soothed something Dira couldn’t quite name right now. With her good hand, Dira reached out and gave Frigga scritches behind her ear where she knew the dog enjoyed it. How to explain to a canine that your people had to go away suddenly and you were staying with someone else for awhile? “Shall we go to my ready room? You can get to know that place first.” She imagined when Frigga wasn’t working, and Dira was, she could be there with her. “Lieutenant Avery, you have the conn.”

“Yes, Captain,” the security officer on duty said.

Dira stood and moved towards the other door at the back of the bridge. “Come , Frigga,” she said, leading her into the hallway that led to hers and Sinclair’s offices, and the conference room.

Frigga followed, keeping her self directly under the injured arm. She didn’t even look at the officers she knew.

To the right of the entrance was the captain’s desk, a couple chairs for guests, and a replicator tucked into the corner, while a sitting area took up the space in front of the an expanse of windows opposite the main door. The sitting area comprised of a navy blue sofa that had a gentle curve to it. On each side of it, nestled between the windows and where it curved out was a side table with a potted plant. One had trails of forked leaves and the other had tall dark green stems lined with alternating heart shaped leaves that had a blue hue.

Other small touches had been added that were Dira’s, though only a few so far. Aside from the plants, there was a round and squat pot in a deep blue colour with sweeps of white and green paint. It sat on the shelf behind the desk, flanked by two picture frames.

Dira moved over to the sofa and sat down, patting the front of the couch. “It’s okay, you can explore,” she said, not sure what Frigga would understand. She knew there was some specific training, and Dira figured she’s have to delve into that asap if she was to be a proper temporary caregiver to a working animal.

Captain Myqian, CO

Frigga watched as Dira sat down. She padded over to her and sniffed the hand and brace again and then locked it, her tail sweeping the floor slowly. Then she climbed slowly onto the couch and maneuvered herself under the injured wrist again. Her eyes scanned around the room.


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