Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

Posted Nov. 24, 2023, 11:56 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Kane (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) in Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage


Kane grinned. “I know that look. We have a body to steal and a Lieutenant to get out of the a matrix. But once we are on the ship we ca-” and there was a series of chirps from his wristband. Kane looked down and said “Speak of the devil. The ship is in final position and has locks on my transporter tags. Novak has, supposedly, everything ready at the restaurant. All that’s left is the doing. You ready?”


“Everything is back in the bag, and I made sure there was a tag on it.” She stepped towards him, “I’m ready as long as you think I can keep everyone distracted while you go have all the fun.” She passed him with a grin and headed out the door for the lobby and the waiting slider.

The driver held the door for them and Alexis slipped into and across the back seat. Once Solomon was seated beside her the driver took them to the restaurant.


As they slid through the resort town towards their destination, Kane leaned over and almost nibbled on Alexis’ ear, but in actuality whispered to her. “If you run I to trouble while I’m in there, your duress word will be ‘saline’. When I’m done, I’ll say ‘copper’. ” He kissed her cheek and then leaned back as the slider pulled up to the restaurant.

Alexis turned into him as he whispered to her. She made a soft sound in the back of her throat - Acknowledgement. She glanced down at the only jewelry she was wearing. Her wedding band, and her ‘fake’ engagement ring. The transporter inhibitor was off of course, but she knew how to activate if she had need. More important was the tracer should she run in to trouble.

The chauffer opened their door and Kane stepped out,looking around as a reflex. He then offered his hand to Alexis.


Alexis set her hand in his, one heeled foot and then the other, with a long glimpse of leg, appearing as she slid out of the vehicle and stood beside her husband. She glanced over the facade of the building as they moved toward the door. It was meant to draw attention and make a statement about the status of those who entered through the doors.

The entrance was held by a doorman and inside the maître d’ stood waiting behind his podium as if he was a judge waiting to pass sentence on all who walked through the doors. The man eyed them his eyes traveling over both of them judging them on their attire alone.


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