Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Kane (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage
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Kane grinned. “I know that look. We have a body to steal and a Lieutenant to get out of the a matrix. But once we are on the ship we ca-” and there was a series of chirps from his wristband. Kane looked down and said “Speak of the devil. The ship is in final position and has locks on my transporter tags. Novak has, supposedly, everything ready at the restaurant. All that’s left is the doing. You ready?”


“Everything is back in the bag, and I made sure there was a tag on it.” She stepped towards him, “I’m ready as long as you think I can keep everyone distracted while you go have all the fun.” She passed him with a grin and headed out the door for the lobby and the waiting slider.

The driver held the door for them and Alexis slipped into and across the back seat. Once Solomon was seated beside her the driver took them to the restaurant.


As they slid through the resort town towards their destination, Kane leaned over and almost nibbled on Alexis’ ear, but in actuality whispered to her. “If you run I to trouble while I’m in there, your duress word will be ‘saline’. When I’m done, I’ll say ‘copper’. ” He kissed her cheek and then leaned back as the slider pulled up to the restaurant.

Alexis turned into him as he whispered to her. She made a soft sound in the back of her throat - Acknowledgement. She glanced down at the only jewelry she was wearing. Her wedding band, and her ‘fake’ engagement ring. The transporter inhibitor was off of course, but she knew how to activate if she had need. More important was the tracer should she run in to trouble.

The chauffer opened their door and Kane stepped out,looking around as a reflex. He then offered his hand to Alexis.


Alexis set her hand in his, one heeled foot and then the other, with a long glimpse of leg, appearing as she slid out of the vehicle and stood beside her husband. She glanced over the facade of the building as they moved toward the door. It was meant to draw attention and make a statement about the status of those who entered through the doors.

The entrance was held by a doorman and inside the maître d’ stood waiting behind his podium as if he was a judge waiting to pass sentence on all who walked through the doors. The man eyed them his eyes traveling over both of them judging them on their attire alone.


“Kane. Party of two. My uncle made the reservation.” Kane said to the maître d’. He smiled a wholly disingenuous smile and “Of course. Doctors Kane. You uncle bid us to make sure your evening was exemplary. And congratulations on your wedding.” And his eyes went over the visible ink of Kabe’s tattoos. “I’m certain is was quite the affair.” He checked his PaDD and rhen said “If you would kindly follow me.” and he led them into the restaurant.

Alexis drew all kinds of attention. Normally she wouldn’t even be aware of it, but the whole goal was to draw attention to herself. She didn’t enjoy being the focus of attention. Particularly some of the more … greedy stares. It worked to her unknowing advantage because it made her look like a young blushing new wife.

It was very chic… very well-appointed… and very upscale. They were led to a table near the center of the room, and the maître d’ began to pull Alexis’ chair put and Kane stepped between them. “My wife, I pull out her chair.” and he did so, kissing her bare ahoulder as she moved to sit. Kane then took a seat and the maître d’ said “Your server Domin will be with you. Enjoy.” and then walked away.

Kane looked at Alexis and leaned forward. “This is the kind of place I would enjoy burning to the ground.” he whispered with a grin.


Alexis grinned, “You’ll get to burn something.” She slipped her hand into his. She was nervous. “If you do burn this place, do you think you could manage to burn just half the maître d’s mustache off?”

“Good evening, my name is Domin. Our special tonight is Illuvian yussa on a bed of jarcana, followed by kulpeti soup. The main dish is hphnoison beef and scallops served with oyba and grecfa.” He set a small and limited menu in front of both of them and offered Kane the wine list.


Kane glanced at the list and then said “Chateau Misolnier ‘78. Chilled.” The server looked at him a moment and then simply nodded and said “Absolutely sir. I will return.” and he left. Kane looked at Alexis and said “That vinyard is in Scandanavia on Earth. It’s best just above freezing.” He looked around, noting the looks they (specifically Alexis) were getting. He then smiled at her and said “You are a vision…”


Alezis blushed. “You are looking at me with your vision.” Then she laughed quietly. “Thank you. I’m pleased you like it. You are drawing quite a bit of attention yourself.” Especially from a couple of women who were giving him more attention than she liked though she couldn’t blame them. “You are devastating.”


“It’s the tux. Frigga would look good in this thing.” and he chuckled. The server came back, opened the wine (which had frost on the bottle), and poured a bit for Kane. He shook his head and slid the glass to Alexis. “Try it. If you don’t like it, we’ll get something else.”


Alexis lifted the glass and raised a brow as she studied the color. She swirled the glass gently and inhaled the bouquet before taking a small sip. “Floral and smooth with a hint of robust spice underneath. The chill adds a nice contrast to the spice.” She set the glass down, “This bottle will be fine.”


“Fill ‘em up.” Kane said to the waiter and paused while he poured and then took their order.

After the waiter left, Kane said through the earpiece “We’ll eat first before we start. No telling when we’ll get a break after.”

The next hour was spent like an actual honeymoon couple. Wine (not a lot), food, flirting… Kane even genuinely smiled more than once. After the plates were cleared and they had ordered dessert, Kane said “Love, if you will excuse me. I will be back in a moment.” He stood up, pushed in his chair, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and then headed towards the refreshers. In her ear, he said “Count to sixty, then signal.”


Alexis gazed after him as he walked away. For awhile she had almost forgotten why they were there. She picked up the chilled glass of water and sipped from it. The food had been excellent. At acount of 50 she picked up her wine glass and finished the small sip in it. She contemplated the empty glass and then looked up for their waiter. At 60 she signaled the waiter to refill their glasses. She had been careful all evening that only Kane would do so, so that the agent, whoever it was, would know ot was time.


As the waiter started towards her, one of the more lecherous older men that had been staring hard at Alexis since she came in (much to the consternation of the woman seated with him) suddenly began convulsing. He fell from his chair and collapsed to the floor, dragging the table cloth with him and causing the dishes on the table to hit the ground with a cacophenous CRASH. Every eye in the place went to the sound and the woman screamed at the top of her lungs.

Kane was in the refresher and heard the sound. He stepped out and moved quickly to the server’s entrance to the kitchen, slipping inside as the staff peered out through the food service window.


Alexis’ head whipped around at the sound, stood, and hurried over to the prone figure, shoving people out of the way. She knelt next to the man. Her hands tilting his head back and sweeping his mouth for any obstructive objects. “Does he have allergies or any medical conditions?” She barked at the woman who was still screaming. She looked up and as expected people were crowding around but doing nothing, and spotted a server. “Medkit. Now!”

She checked his pulse and respiration then his eyes, and started a nose bleeding. Excellent.

The server dropped a medkit and backed away. She opened the kit and took out the tricorder. It wasn’t Star Fleet issue bit it would do. She ran ot over the man. “Call emergency services. Get a medical team here Immediately.” Alexis reached into the medical kit and almost grinned. Exactly what she wanted.

“Who are you? What are you doing?!” The woman yelled. Incensed the woman her date had been ogling had her hands all over him. Alexis didn’t even look up. “I’m a doctor.” She the cortical stimulator and loaded a hypo with a local, then took the scalpel and began to cut. “Tell the medical team we have an acute cerebral hemorrhage with severe pressure on the brain and 22% neural activity loss. Making an emergency incision to relieve the inner cranial pressure.”


In the kitchen, Kane went into the walk-in cooler. From the small of his back he pulled out a micro-scanner and began sweeping the room until he found the concealed transporter pad. He cursed… there was no power to the transporter so he couldnt trace it to a control device. He looked around and was starting to get frustrated when he noticed a meat hook hanging on the wall… in a refer that held no meat. He grabbed it and looked again, spotting a hole in the wall that was just big enough for the tup of the hook. He inserted it and, after a moment of feeling it out, pushed and tugged down, revealing an unpowered transporter control console. The power matrix was pulled and setting on top, so he installed it and the console came to life. Coordinates were already locked in, and there was no way to modify them that he could see. So, with a shrug and a hope he wasn’t about to materialize in a wall, he touched the wall mounted pad and hit the activation.


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