Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

Posted Nov. 25, 2023, 9:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Kane (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) in Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Alexis Kane (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage
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The ambulance actually did go to the hospital. The patient was admitted. Was seen by a doctor and was treated for everything Alexis said was wrong.

Only she and Kane weren’t there.

Well, someone was there. Two someones. One was a beautiful woman in a dress identical to Alexis. One was a crazy haired guy in a tux with some tattoos. But the real Kane and Kane; they were thousands of kilometers away on board a sleek and very fast Vulcan courier ship currently crewed by them and them alone.

Kane was in the pilot seat and tapping at the console. The engines outside glowed a brilliant yellow … and the ship vanished into warp.

Kane looked at Alexis and said “Okay… shall we go meet our guest?” and he stood up and gestured to the back cargo hold.


“The sooner the better.” The only pause Alexis made was to slip the strappy heeled shoes off. Ridiculous, pointless, illogical things. Why anyone would choose to wear those things was beyond her. She walked barefoot through the ship into the cargo bay. She walked straight to the cryotube and walked around it. She set the back of her hand against the casing. “We need to get this hooked back to a power source. It’s probably fine for a couple more hours, but then it will start to thaw. We don’t want to do that before we’re ready.” She knelt down and slipped open an access hatch. “So maybe a couple of days. It has a UPS on it that should be good for a bit. Right now all the readings are normal.” Then she moved over to the equipment, examining what Solomon had grabbed not saying anything, but letting her mind sort, catalogue, and process everything.


Kane nodded and said “No problem.” He went around and moved the equipment back into as close a configuration of how it was in the lab and found the power control system. He laid on the deck, connected the power and then made sure the flow of energy was steady and the monitor was in place. “There. And this just about exactly how it was laid out in the lab. And this-” and he held up the drive, “- is everything from their system. I pulled two copies from their core. One for Intel, and one for you. That way Intel thinks they are getting the only copy.” He handed her the driver and then slid another into a Diplomatic pouch. “We’re dropping that off in two days, then we can get back to the Ogawa.”


Alexis watched the other machines turn on and go through their cycles. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and their readings seemed to coincide with the cryo tube. She took the drive, tapping it quietly into the other hand as she walked around the various equipment and then paused in front of the tube and watched the body that was suspended there. She turned abruptly. “Well we start by reading then.” There was no need to try and recreate from scratch unless they had to. The body seemed stable enough for the moment. It wasn’t like they had an extra lying around to give Dalton if they screwed this up. She scanned the bay, found their bag from the hotel lying among the rest of the equipment and pulled out a PaDD and hooked the drive up to it. “That’s going to take a bit for the PaDD to process.”


“Use the ship’s computer, then. It’s all encrypted and we’ll wipe it before we return it.” Kane suggested. He then began to study all the equipment. He then looked in the cryotube. “You know, it fossnt looks her… Dalton, that is. We’re gonna have to biosculpt it. It’ll be bad enough having a new body. A new face might be more than she could handle.”


Alexis took the drive and hooked it up to the computer in the bay. It only took the computer a small handful of minutes to process the entire drive and allow it to be opened. “It shouldn’t be hard to sculpt it. It would be like cosmetic surgery. As long as there is nothing programmed in the body to prevent that. If so we’ll have to disable that. We’ll get her personnel file photo and use it to adjust.”

Alexis was reading through the base theories used for the replication. “They are using a combination of Soong’s work with positronics to create the nervous system, and then cellular programming, very similar to the borg, to enact an almost genetronic replication of the rest of the body. So instead of a synthetic body it’s biological.”


Kane thought a moment and then nodded in appreciation. “Makes sense. And it think it makes it almost easier building a nervous system from scratch in this case, using the conciousness matrix as the framework. Kinda like cheating on an exam. You k ow what the answer should be, but you use the way the question is asked to dictate how you show your work.”


She flipped through the different files until she got to the genetic coding. “Look at this. They start with a blank DNA strand and then program in the nucleotides for whatever genes they want the body to express.” She whistled low. “Cybernetic cloning. If we had a sample of Dalton’s DNA, I could reprogram the whole thing. Well from the very beginning anyway. It would be her. They could make a living breathing exact match for anyone. No wonder Intel wanted it destroyed.”


“They didn’t. They wanted it themselves.” Kane said, his voice holding the singular edge he saved for the shadowy puppet masters of their ‘alternate employers’. “Makes me even happier that they won’t get it, now.” He paused and thought for a long moment. “You know… Sinclair had all of Dalton’s things stored. Five’ll get ya ten there is some of her DNA in there somewhere.” and he looked at Alexis and grinned.

“Feel like pulling another heist?”


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