Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous

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Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous

Posted by Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Executive Officer) in Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Hobnobing with the Rich and Famous
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=/\=Frigga has no appointments until 1125 hours tomorrow. She is listed as on call between now and then should medical or psychiatry need her services.=/\=

“GALEN, make a note on her schedule for staff to contact me if she’s needed.”

=/\=Do you wish me to rewrite the routine parameters, Captain?=/\=

Frigga had wandered behind the desk and then stopped by the wall near the replicator, sitting, and then began to whine giving Dira an expectant look.


Dira chuckled. “I was getting there, but I suppose it’s only fair that you let me know,” she said as she moved to the replicator. She ordered a dog bowl of water and set it down and then queried GALEN for the food that was normally ordered for Frigga. She set that down when it was replicated. “There you go.”

Frigga went after the bowl of water and sniffed the food and went back to the water. She drank almost all of it and then ate a little of the food because it was offered.

For a moment Dira stood there with her hands on her hips and mused that this was not unlike one of your friends with a baby suddenly needing a babysitter and while you love the child and were great with them, you really had no experience caring for one yourself. “Guess I’m getting a crash course, aren’t I?”

Captain Myqian, CO

Frigga looked up at her, tongue lolling in a laugh. She barked once and then walked a circle around Dira and then laid down under one of the office chairs.


Moving around her desk, Dira sat in her chair and grabbed a PADD. She was happy to let Frigga be there if that was where she was comfortable, but she would have to see what other provisions she’d need to have on hand up here, as well as get stuff for her quarters. With the PADD, she called up the training program she knew existed for those who were learning to work with Frigga. Since she had been adamant about the canine being a member of her crew, it would be good for her to learn how to work with her as well, and that might in turn help her know the probably many small details about the working dog that she had no clue about. And maybe answer the one question that came to mind: where did Frigga do her business? That last thing she needed was her to have an accident in her office!


The training program was loaded into the computer and could run on any of the holodecks. The full program could take one to two weeks depending on how much time per day the person put in, and there was a test at the end. There were text files as well that included the commands that Frigga answered to and what her response would be, her certifications, and the skills she had to complete to earn those certifications, and a written transcript of the program.

Frigga was a quiet dog and stayed under the chair while Dira worked.


There was a chime at the door an, as it slid open, Sinclair walked in looking at a PaDD. “Captain, sorry to bother you but I just-” and his eyes spied the dog. He lowered the PaDD and smiled. “Well, hello Frigga. It is good to see you.” He looked at Dira quizzically and then said “Am I interrupting? I can come back, Captain.”

Sinclair, XO

Frigga’s head lifted off her front paws and stared at the new arrival. She stared intently at him when he said her name, and her tails sweeped the carpet slowly.

Dira grinned at her first officer. “Not at all. I’m dogsitting, since the Kanes have taken an impromptu honeymoon.” She got up and moved around her desk. “She’s off-duty, so you can say hi.” She bent down and looked at the canine. “Say hi to Commander Sinclair, Frigga?”

Sinclair knelt down and held out his hand, palm towards Frigga. “Hello, pup. Remember me?” he said gently.

Frigga crawled out from the chair and padded over and sniffed and nosed his hand. Then, without any shyness, maneuvered her head under his hand so he would pet her.

She gestured to the PADD. “Is that for me?”

Captain Myqian, CO

He handed the PaDD to her and said “Just a discrepancy in the last report audit. Someone entered a typo and said we had seen 18,000 patients in Sickbay over the past reporting period, not 180. I fixed it, but it requires you to approve.” He looked up at her. “So the Kanes… business or pleasure? Or is it something the ‘regular’ folks don’t get to know about?” and he chuckled.

Sinclair, XO

Frigga understood her command words and recognized a few more. ‘Kane’ being one she heard often and knew it referred to the Steak Keeper and sometimes her mom. She whined softly looking around and then up at the two people in the room.


Dira smiled, knowing it would be disconcerting that her people were suddenly gone. “The Kanes are doing a little of all of the above, but I know nothing of the details.” she made sure to use the name since Frigga had responded to it. Crouching, Dira scratched briefly behind an ear. “They’re away for a couple weeks at most, hopefully, so Frigga and I are going to spend some time together, isn’t that right? You’re going to come stay with me? I’m sure you have stuff you prefer at home, but the likelihood of my getting in there is about nil, so I hope you won’t mind me replicating new stuff.” She spoke to Frigga, even though the explanation was for Sinclair as well.

She looked up at Royal as she stood again. “Have I mentioned that while I’ve been around dogs growing up, I’ve never had one?” Dira said with a lopsided smirk.

Captain Myqian, CO

“Neither did I. My Da hated animals. Probably a sign of his overall personality.” Sinclair said with a slight shake of his head and a small grin. He scratched Frigga’s head and smiled. “So a couple of weeks and you get to dog-sit. At least you have a good one to practice with.” He rubbed under Frigga’s chin and then stood up. “Well, at least we will have fewer crew with anxiety with K-.. um… the R&D Director out.” and he laughed softly. “I’ll make sure to get with Walker and update the duty roster. With Alexis Kane out, their workload will get heavier since she is the one doing a lot of the work.”

Sinclair, XO

Myqian nodded. “Good thought.” She glanced at the PADD, noted the change and used her thumbprint to sing off on the update to the report. Dira handed the PADD back to him. “And in the meantime, I think I’m going to use this time with our working canine to get familiar with the training people need when working with her. I figure even beyond just helping me figure out what I’m doing with her, it’s useful for me as CO to understand the ins and out of the job that one of my crewmembers does.”

“Wouldn’t hurt, that’s for certain.” Sinclair said.

“Shall we go to the holodeck and and try some stuff out? You will probably tell me what I’m doing wrong pretty quickly, won’t you?” she said to Frigga with a smirk. And in truth, she knew she needed the time with the canine after Royal forced the issue about her trauma reactions.

Captain Myqian, CO

Sinclair nodded and said “Oh, I’m sure there will a mutual learning curve.” Sinclair said. He moved to the door and said “I’m due on the bridge in thirty, but I may take over early. Astrometrics has asked us to do a close swing by the comet they found a few days ago, so we’ll adjust course for a few hours, then be back on track. Shouldn’t delay our arrival time at all.”

Sinclair, XO

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