Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) in Side Sim - Honeymoon Packing List: Lingerie, Swimsuits, Handcuffs, And Some Light Espionage
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A week later…

The sleek Vulcan courier vessel slipped through space at warp six, nearing the point where it would meet up with the Ogawa. Kane, once again in the pilot seat, looked at Alexis and said “Ready? We gotta call Myqian and give her a heads up of what we are doing. And since we rendezvous with the ship in three hours; now is that time.”


Alexis had checked and quadruple checked and checked again, the work the nanites were doing to the body in stasis. Slowly over the course of the week the body changed to from a generic looking human woman to Lt Dalton. Now they just had to transfer the consciousness over. She was sitting in the co-pilot seat, back to the windows, going through all the files again - study was never wasted. “Ready,” she put the PaDD down and looked at him.


Kane nodded and tapped the comms. =/\= Commander Kane to Ogawa. Request an encrypted channel to Captain Myqian immediately. Priority One. Confirm Ogawa. =/\= There was a pause for a moment and then a voice said =/\= Confirmed, Commander. Captain will be with you momentarily. =/\=

On the Ogawa, Myqian’s commbadge chirped. =/\= Bridge to Captain Myqian. Commander Kane requests a Priority encrypted channel to speak with you, Captain. Patching through to your office. =/\=

Kane / Ogawa Comms

=/\=Thank you,=/\= Dira said from her ready room. She activated the comms and smiled. =/\=How’s the honeymoon been? Or do I not want to know?=/\=

Captain Myqian, CO

The screen held both Kanes, and the tattooed one said =/\= Yeah… about that, Captain… =/\= What followed for the next thirty minutes was an in depth ‘debriefing’ of everything that had transpired with regards to Lt. Dalton. Kane started form the very beginning and didn’t leave out anything… although he could have been a bit more forthcoming about Sinclair’s more off-the-books activities with regards to Dalton herself and her belongings. He finished up right before they had begun to prep the body for transfer, leaving that to Alexis to explain.


“The body was no more than a block of clay. Using Dalton’s DNA we molded it. We rebuilt her body.” Alexis then went on for a very long, detailed, and complicated explination of how it was done.


If there was ever a time that Dira needed to all back on her therapist’s skills, now was it. She not only listened, she processed in small ways, and somehow managed to keep a neutral expression the entire time. Inwardly, her feelings were most definitely not neutral. When Alexis had finished, she inhaled deeply, taking her time before she finally decided to reply. =/\=I’m surprised you gave me this much notice, so… thanks?=/\= she said flatly. =/\=But while there are numerous issues we could hash out right now, the most important piece of all this is Dalton herself. If Dr. Sinclair has deemed her a sentient person and not some facsimile, then I accept that without question. Which means we’ve had a sentient woman hanging out in your lab alone this whole time. I understand the issues at play but a make believe worlds is still make believe leaving a woman who has been traumatized the way she has isolated was perhaps not the best choice. But it doesn’t even really matter now. What does are the two questions I have now: do you think this is a risk she is willing to take, and are you certain that none of this, even with your little backstory change, is going to come back and bite us on the ass and threaten the Ogawa. I will help do everything we can for this woman but not at the expense of the rest of the ship and crew. As a captain I can’t in good consciousness do that without their buy in. And since we’re being all secretive out of necessity, that gets tricky.=/\= But she also knew her crew and knew they would risk a great deal to protect innocent lives, even just one. It was one of those things about her crew she was most proud of.

Captain Myqian, CO

Kane shrugged. “Leaving her alone was not the best idea, but it was the only option. Until we had an idea of what was going on, who was involved… which we still don’t know…, why she was pulled out… also which we don’t know… all of that made broadcasting her presence a bigger risk that her spending time in a holographic village. At least she had some change and diversion. But thats all irrelevant. What is relevant is that, as she is now, a potential weapon. You put a full sentient consciousness in starship and you can do a lot of really bad things if you wanted to. And having her in that cube means she is still a target for kidnapping and enslavement. We get her out, in a body, and bring her back into the fold… she has choices. Options. And it would be a hell of a lot harder to jam her into a matrix if she isn’t set up as plug-and-play.” He paused and said “She has about 2 hours left till we get back. The minute we dock, we can prep for the transfer. All she has to do is say thats what she wants. And that has always been the plan. But you needed to know because it’s your ship… and a missing Fleet Lieutenant suddenly showing up in the computer would raise a lot of questions. And thats where the background comes in. Do I think it will bite us in the ass? Maybe. But thats why I created the big bad guy who can ‘copy people’s minds’.” and he made a mock-spooky sound effect. “That should deflect a ton of attention, make Dalton’s reappearance a side effect of the emergence of the bad guy. So yeah, we’ll get questioned, I’m sure. But I really don’t think that it will go much further. And it will give Dalton a chance to reclaim her life.”


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