Grayson's Office- A New Patient

Posted Feb. 20, 2024, 3:13 p.m. by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson (Chief of Psychiatry) in Grayson’s Office- A New Patient

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Grayson’s Office- A New Patient

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Grayson’s Office- A New Patient
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Setting up a time that worked for both of them, Dira made her way to the Counselling Suite and the COP’s office to have what could be a pivotal meeting for a new member of their crew. Before Mariah could have that meeting with said member, Myqian had an awful lot to fill Grayson in on about the woman known as Corinne Dalton.

She arrived right on time and pressed the chime.

Once admitted, Myqian stepped in and gave Mariah a tiny smirk. “I’m not sure if you’re going to appreciate the challenge I have for you or curse me later. I promise I won’t take it personally if you do.”

Captain Myqian, CO

Mariah’s eyebrows shot up as she gestured for the Captain to take a seat, but her eyes revealed she was more intrigued than alarmed. “I happen to like challenges, and if you’re here, I can only assume this has something to do with a member or members of the crew? If so, I committed to at least trying first before cursing,” she added with a chuckle.

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, CoP

Dira chuckled as well as well before blowing out a breath and tapped the PADD she carried on her thigh before she took a seat. “This goes without saying, but what we’re going to talk about is highly confidential. But more than that, Mariah, we must be very careful about what official records show versus the truth you are going to hear.”

“Okay, so we have a new and unexpected crewmember. She has a history of trauma and she’s very well aware of it. And up until very, very recently she, as a fully conscious and sentient being, existed within a ship’s computer. She was fully Human and lived that way till an accident on a holodeck that is very complicated had her physical body de while preserving her consciousness. Two years ago she disappeared from the ship’s computer, no trace, and three weeks ago showed up here on the Ogawa contained in a small but powerful device, delivered to us by an unknown person. Another long story short that I will not get into fully to protect you, is that this person, this Starfleet officer, was integrated into a new biological body that is fully Human, except for the positronic brain that contains apparently not only all teh memories that weren’t corrupted when she was forcible removed from her former ship, but also a great deal of the Federation database that she had been immersed in constantly.” She gestured with a knowing smirk, understanding that what she was saying was probably shocking or confusing or unbelievable, and most likely all three at the same time.

Captain Myqian, CO

Mariah pursed her lips and slowly let the air escape between them, the only reaction she revealed outwardly. She was still processing what had been shared, but truly, the most troubling sentiment had been what the Captain offered before offering a single detail about the crew member in question. Maintaining confidentiality when it came to a crewmember’s mental health didn’t need to be stated, but to suggest that things not be related as accurately as they presented was troubling. “Do we have reason to believe she is in danger from someone higher up in Starfleet? Is that why I have to be… circumspect with what I report?”

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, CoP

Thank goodness for Grayson’s perceptiveness! Dira nodded. “There will undoubtedly be those that want answers that we are not going to give them, for her protection, and everyone else’s. Lieutenant Corinne Dalton is a person, but more often than not, she’s not been treated as such, despite psychological reports that confirm her sentience. And I’ve been evaluating her in the immediate aftermath of the procedure. She’s a strong and resilient person, but she is going to need a lot of help processing everything that has happened to her over the last thirteen years and try to make sense of what her future might hold for her. I do believe it’s in her best interest to be cleared for duty sooner rather than later, but I will trust your judgment on when exactly that is.”

Capt. Dira Myqian, Commanding Officer

Grayson nodded. “I appreciate the respect, Captain. Of course, the last thing I want to do is compound Lieutenant Dalton’s trauma or leave her vulnerable. She will be safe here with me. That does beg the question, however, as to what information we are going to share so as not to appear openly evasive or resistant.”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, CoP

“She is your patient and you are not required to disclose anything to anyone that does not relate to her ability to be fit for duty. Whatever Cori shares with you is privileged unless you believe she is a risk to herself or others. Standard Doctor-patient confidentiality. If anyone, and I do mean anyone comes harassing you for info, you send them to me and I will deal with it,” Dira said firmly. “To be honest, aside from her unique method of being on this ship, little she will say to you will likely be useful for anyone else. But even if that isn’t true, your files can be sealed for access by only select people. As far as what you include in your reports, keep to her fitness. Her personal issues are hers and hers alone and I won’t have people trying to use it against her, or us. Make your notes on your sessions with her as detailed as you need them to be in order to help her, but I would try to leave out anything related to how she got her current body. Before that is mostly known in some fashion.”

Captain Myqian, CO

“Standard protocols,” Mariah replied with a nod. She was relieved. At first she thought she was going to have to be extra creative with her notes, but she was used to focusing on fitness for duty issues when it came to official documentation. Her private notes could offer more detail as they weren’t part of any official file, but under the circumstances, she would refrain from even that. “Is there someone in particular you expect to harrass me for information? Naturally, I’ll assert professional priviege if asked, but your specific warning has me wondering if you think someone will ask that you believe I may think twice before refusing?”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, CoP

“Not so much a specific person, but Starfleet Intelligence will undoubtedly come poking their noses into this. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t.” She wasn’t going to reveal Solomon’s ties to them unless it was something he ever wanted to bring up himself, but she knew that between him, herself and Sinclair, they could manage any busybodies that tried to make it seem like they were owed information.

“In any case, You will want to meet with Corinne very soon. She has a lot to process and could use some help with that. You worry about her. I’ll worry about external issues.”

Captain Myqian, CO


“That sounds like a plan, Captain. I’ll set up a meeting right away with her.” Mariah was glad to have the Captain running interference. It allowed her to focus on caring for the crew.

~Dr, Mariah Grayson, CoP

Dira nodded and tapped her hand on the desk. “Well on that note, I will let you take it from here. And I do apologize for just dropping this on you. I know it’s your job to help the crew, but this is decidedly an unusual situation and I appreciate your willingness to work with these strange variables.”

She pushed back her chair and rose t her feet. “If there’s anything that comes up from any of this, you know where to find me.” With a nod to Grayson, the captain stepped around the chair and left the office.

Captain Myqian, CO

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