Conference Room - Talking Down, Punching Up

Posted Feb. 21, 2024, 7:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Conference Room - Talking Down, Punching Up

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) in Conference Room - Talking Down, Punching Up

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in Conference Room - Talking Down, Punching Up
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The call had come in two days prior. Vice Admiral Groyton was coming aboard to recieve a consult. Not on his health, but on a new model of medical tricorder. He had ‘requested’ Captain Myqian meet with him and make recommendations on a team to put it through field testing. As the Ogawa was the pinnacle of space-based medicine, he decided that they would be best suited for the trial.

The Admiral was seated at the head of the table and was drumming his fingers on the table. He had arrived with express orders for no ceremony, pomp, or circumstance. He had been escorted directly to conference room and was there, waiting for the ship’s Captain to arrive and begin.

On the bridge, a security officer leaned in and whispered to the Captain that the Admiral was aboard- four hours early- and was waiting for her in the Conference Room.

Vice Admiral Groyton

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Myqian said, her dark eyes narrowing. Inhaling deeply, she blew out the breath as she rose to her feet. “Well, then, I’ll be in the Conference Room.” Leaving someone in charge of the bridge, she stepped into the corridor and to the meeting space.

She was irked. The only reason to show up four hours earlier without warning and board her ship without her knowledge was to either put her in her place or throw her off. She loathed the pretence. But as she walked down the hall, Dira let all her frustrations vanish so that she stepped through the door, she was calm and collected.

“Admiral,” Myqian greeted. “I wasn’t expecting you for another few hours. Had you told me you were coming early, I would have made sure to be here ready for you.”

Captain Myqian, CO

The Admiral notably didn’t stand when the Ship’s Captain entered. “Sit, Captain.” the Admiral said. “We can cut out the pretense and ceremony. I trust you have had an opportunity to review the project and specifications I sent you? And the reasoning for my trip all the way out here?”

Admiral Groyton

“I… have, yes,” Dira said as she took a seat. “I understand wanting to trial new technology and it does make sense to test medical items here. We have the staff, the patients, and the technical people present to make it viable.” She paused briefly to gather her thoughts. “I am curious why this didn’t go to our Research and Development department first though. They are who I would want to take the lead on testing this new device.”

Captain Myqian, CO

The Admiral huffed and snapped “Because it’s your ship, Captain. If I am going to direct this ship to do something, I’m not wasting my time talking to a subordinate first. But please, do call their Department Head in; if that department is who you will have working on this.”

Admiral Groyton

Dira was ever the calm therapist, letting the man’s annoyance bounce off her mental shields. There was no way she was letting him get under her skin. “I do like to defer to those with more expertise in a given area. It’s helps me learn,” she said with a smile before tapping her commbadge. =/\=Captain to Solomon Kane. Please report to the Conference Room and bring your R&D hat.=/\=

Captain Myqian, CO

=/\= Yeah yeah, keep your pants on. I’ll be there in a minute. =/\= came the terse response. The Admiral’s eyebrows rose in shock and indignation. “Wha-! What did he just say?!”

Myqian just looked nonplussed and replied,” He’s on his way.”

A few minutes later the door slid open and Kane, surprisingly in at least his uniform top- came in. His hair was particularly wild that day, and he had what appeared to be mustard stains on the white shirt he wore under his uniform top; which was open to reveal the shirt with the black-lettered words ‘I’m Huge In Japan’ on it.

As Kane entered, the Admiral’s jaw dropped open and he stared at the head of R&D. Finally he almost shouted “What is this?!?! Some kind of joke?!” He stared Kane up and down as he slowly rose to his feet. Spying the pips on Kane’s collar, he fixed the ‘officer’ with (what he thought was) a withering look. “Lieutenant Commander… what exactly do you think yiu are wearing?” Kane looked at the man, made an obvious point to squint and stare for a moment at the gold bar rank insignia on his collar, and then flopped down in a chair, looked at Dira and said “Who’ the stuffed shirt?” and then he clapped his hand together once and put on a look of false surprise. “OH! Did you get me a stripper for my birthday?!” and he gave her his best I’m SO gonna make this bad because I do not care smile.

Kane, R&D

She simply shot him a Behave for my sake look and slid the PADD across the table to him. “This is Admiral Groyton who has asked us to test out a new tricorder. I’d like you’re input on how best to proceed with such a test.”

Myqian turned to the Admiral. “Admiral, this is Lieutenant Commander Solomon Kane, one of the finest R&D minds in Starfleet. I’m very fortunate to have him on my team,” she said with smile.

Captain Myqian, CO

“‘Sup.” Kane said and leaned forward and grabbed the PaDD and started scrolling. Groyton stood there, mouth agape, and then took a deep breath. “Capatin, I would like a word. In private.” and he looked at Kane, who didn’t look up. “That means you are excused, Lieutenant Commander.” he added through clinched teeth. Kane didn’t budge for a moment and then he held up a hand and extended a finger… amazingly not the gesture he could have given; but instead a raised index finger in the universal sign of ‘Hang on a second.’ The Admiral’s eyes almost bulged out of his head and he started to stammer something very un-Admiral like when Kane said “No thanks. I’m good.” and then he tapped the PaDD for a few moments and slid it across the table to Myqian. “It won’t work. There’s why.” and he stood up and walked out the door without any further look.

On the PaDD, inside the schematics, were five red circles around various parts. No explanation… just circles.

Groyton sat down and looked at Myqian with as red a face as one could have without having a stroke. “Captain, I do NOT know what kind of ship you run here, but if that… that… thing… calling himself an officer is one of your best? I am probably asking the wrong group to administer these field tests. And yes, I will filing disciplinary documentation for your so-called ‘fine mind’.”

Kane / Groyton

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