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Posted Feb. 22, 2024, 5:25 p.m. by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Executive Officer) in CO’s Quarters- Reunions

Posted by Captain Dira Myqian (Commanding Officer) in CO’s Quarters- Reunions

Posted by Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Executive Officer) in CO’s Quarters- Reunions


Royal shook his head. “‘Doctor-patient confidentiality is no longer enforceable when the doctor or patient commits heinous or criminal acts, or threatens the commission of such acts.’” Sinclair said with a grin. Of course he would be able to recite the legal nomenclature of a doctor’s interactions with their patient. “I had to learn that little tidbit during my stint on the Challenger as Security Chief.” and he smiled and shook his head at the memory. “Nothing like investigating your own crew to make friends.”

Sinclair, XO

Dira tensed and she couldn’t even explain what her unease was. Maybe it had been the numerous times since Franks kissed her on the Calypso that she had evaded her parents’ questions, especially after Dira had grown increasingly distressed about his behaviour after the away mission incident and his accusations against her. Or maybe it was just that right there: her having to defend herself against him time and and again. “I can imagine. I sometimes wondered what my crew thought after Franks accused me of insubordination and mutiny. It wasn’t a secret to anyone but him that people didn’t think super highly of him or his skills, but here was a strange scenario and at the time I was almost grateful to be confined to quarters just so I didn’t have to be privy to the errant thoughts and people questioning my intentions and character.”

Captain Myqian, CO

” I doubt anyone here would question such things.” Sinclair said and took a drink. “And I would be willing to bet real money that your family won’t either.” He gave her a crooked smile. “Besides, what would we say to someone struggling with a circumstance similar to yours? ‘Talk to those who love you. Let them help you put words to what happened and let them help you remember that you are not your trauma.”

Sinclair, XO

She smiled sadly. “And we both know that it’s one thing to know something intellectually, but quite another to accept it emotionally. It’s a process and I’m not quite there yet. This isn’t just about one event, Royal. This is a series of events and invasions that have affected me profoundly. I can’t just talk it out and everything will be okay. Not yet.” Dira reached for the bottle and finally refilled her drink glass again (a double), and knocked some back.

Captain Myqian, CO

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