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She had been thinking about this for awhile- well, soon after she had received her fourth pip- and finally things seemed settled enough that she felt she could pull this off.

The idea was simple and a long standing tradition on many ships: the Captain invited various members of the crew without preference for rank or position. The idea was for people to get to know each other better and for her as the commanding officer to stay in tune with what was happening on her ship. But this was more than work talk, this was a chance for her to show more of who she was, to pull off that mask of authority a little more than she usually felt she could.

So an invite went out to a small group, inviting them to dine with her in her quarters. Casual. No uniforms and a distinct instruction to leave rank at the door where they could. She understood that not everyone was comfortable with dropping all pretences, but she did want people to try.

The spacious quarters were completely tidy (she was not advertising her ability to be a slob) and there was a large dining area with a living area behind it nestled against a span of windows. To the left of the sofa and chairs was her work area. To the right side of the suite were doors to the bedroom and the washroom.

It was obvious that Dira Myqian was a woman who liked comfort, who revelled in the simple luxuries she could grant herself in her life. Soft blankets, beautiful scents, warm candlelight, calming music, delicious but simple foods. Evidence of it permeated her quarters and it was clear that even though she had moved in to these quarters not all that long ago, she’d made the effort to make her quarters a place of refuge.

A large soft rug spread out under the sitting area and she’d managed to affix sheer cotton drapes around her windows, despite not needing to block the light (or the view). There was shelves of books, unlit candles, and trinkets from her travels. And beside the standard desk setup offered her was an old wooden trunk, closed and possibly locked. A fake potted shrub sat in another corner and she had a large crystal vase filled with flowers and greenery in a riot of colours.

The dining table was set for dinner, with plain white plates and simple cutlery and glassware. A table was set up to the side and served a buffet table, with covered dishes slowly being set out as she moved from the replicator to the dining area. Could she cook? Yes, to a point. But on this scale and when she had guests Dira wasn’t going to risk it. She did, however, have a couple items for which she tossed the ingredients together herself that were nostalgic of her mixed upbringing on a busy colony.

The invite said dinner was at 1900 hours and at 1840, Dira was getting things ready, not in any rush. Spinning on the ball of her foot, her sleeveless maxi dress swished about her ankles, the teal and dark purple sheer fabric flaring out from the darker blue lining. With a deep-V and a slit to one knee, Dira felt relaxed and like herself. Were there nerves? Sure, a few, but those were expected and she knew what to do with them. She stepped in time to the soft but upbeat instrumental music currently playing. It was a take on Earth jazz but with a little extra Hallian percussion fun.

OOC: Okay, so anyone whose character would enjoy a gathering like this, you’re more than welcome to join in!

Captain Myqian, CO

Drake dressed himself in a dark blue blazer, white shirt, and black jeans. As always, he brought his combadge in his jacket pocket. Just in case. A dinner with the Captain wasn’t his typical place to be, but he thought given their last conversation it might be wise to make himself more comfortable among the senior staff. Hell, among the staff. He came to the door for Dira’s quarters, pausing and heavily weighing the option to cut and run. But he pressed the door chime.

-Drake Marshall

Dira stepped over with a smile and opened the door. “Drake! Come on in,” she said, stepping to the side. “I realize now that I should have just said the door was open and for people to come on in. But I don’t know, that might be a step too far for some,” she said with a chuckle. It was one thing to have a casual dinner with the captain, but quite another to just walk in as if you did so all the time. She could see how some might be uneasy about such a prospect.

Captain Myqian, CO

Navale had received the invite and was excited. She enjoyed socializing and meeting people and just listening to and participating in the seemingly random topics people brought up at such occasions. She wore black satin with a chiffon overlay palazzo pants with a black and silver accented wrap shirt. The side of the wrap was secured with a small clear crystal jeweled clasp that was the only ‘jewelry’ she wore other than her combadge. She left her hair down, rather than pulled back for work and eagerly made her way to the captain’s quarters. The door was open, and she did a little bounce on the balls of her feet before she entered. “Good evening Captain, Commander,” she greeted.

Lt. Huzzen, Engineer

“Navale,” Myqian said, with a wide smile. “I’m glad you could make it. Come make yourself comfortable. And please, call me Dira, if you feel like it.” She knew this option might scale according to rank as to how comfortable people would be, but she was curious to see who would take up the option.

Captain Myqian, CO

The door slid open and hulking figure in a bright blue collard shirt with three buttons and a red ‘16’ emblazoned on the back and blue jeans came in carrying a two wine bottles in one hand. “Evenin’ everyone.” the XO said and walked in and set the wine on a table. “So when’s the food ready? I’m starving.” and he smiled.

Sinclair, XO

Drake chuckled at the XO’s entrance. He wasn’t sure he’d ever met Sinclair before, but the man certainly made an impression. He greeted both of the other arrivals as they moved into the Captain’s quarters. The light and casual tone let him relax from worrying about being the most junior person in the room.

-Drake Marshall

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