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Posted by Lieutenant Corinne Dalton (Scientist) in R&D Office- Between Then and Now

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Solomon Kane (Research & Development) in R&D Office- Between Then and Now

Posted by Lieutenant Corinne Dalton (Scientist) in R&D Office- Between Then and Now
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Kane laughed and shook his head, his hair falling all over before he swept it back with a hand. “You aren’t a pawn of jack and-or s#!t. If they wanted you, for whatever reason, they sure as hell wouldn’t have allowed you to walk all over the ship and let everyone see you. Naw… you’d have been plucked form us the second you woke up after the transfer. Add to that that your name and pic is all over the Star Fleet database now and that hasn’t triggered a visit form the boys in gray and black. And they have had ample opportunity. And again… I’m the guy they would have called to bring you in, and they didn’t. Granted, I probably would have said ‘F^<k off’ and they know it, but still. That’s what they use me for. And no one has gone snooping in your file. I know because Lex and I are watching to see who is paying attention. And right now? Most of the inquiries are personnel staff or individuals from your academy class. Oh, and a few from the Saracen. But that’s it.” He shrugged at her and said “Sorry, Dalton… you just aren’t that special anymore.” and he smirked and turned around and began messing with something.


That wasn’t it at all and yet the barb stung. “So you think that’s it, it’s truly over? Do you really think I can actually just live my life?” All the bite had vanished, replaced by timidness. Cori thought he was wrong that if someone had wanted to investigate by now they would have. It hadn’t been that long and it takes time to travel space no matter how fast you can go. You can push your engines only so far.

~Corinne Dalton

Kane turned around and held out his hand. In it was a comm badge. “Here. If you are so worried, take this. Standard comm badge keyed to your ID. Does everything yours now does, but also has an emergency transponder that tags you if you go off the ship without telling me. Also has a built-in transporter protocol. If you are transported by any system other than the Ogawa without prior notice, you are brought right back here. Here as in my lab. And before you materialize wherever you were being taken.” He tossed the badge next to her on a table. “I made that for Lex, but I’ll make her another. But you won’t need it. Like I said… your use to the ones who would do shit like that ran out when you weren’t a co.puter anymore. And going after you now would reveal them… if there is a them to reveal anyway. Seriously, Dalton. You gotta learn to enjoy what you have..” and he grew very serious.. “Trust me. I know probably better than you do what it means to change lives.”


She glared slightly. “Don’t presume that because you know details on a file and forced me to walk you through the essentials of my existence under duress that you know what I’m going through. Maybe you have had something similar, but don’t diminish my experience. This isn’t a contest. It’s been hard as hell to hold on to anything. It constantly is ripped away from me or slips through my fingers. So yeah, it’s hard to trust any of this yet.”

~Corinne Dalton

Kane laughed dismissively. “Lady, you can go soak your head. I didn’t diminish anything… but you just sure as hell did.” He turned around and began working on something else. “You wanna go through the rest of your life with a chip on your shoulder because of what happened to you before, go ahead. I mean, it’s easy as f#<k to do it. Path of least resistance and all that. But it’s a waste. All you do is dwell and become bitter. And then you just miss so much.” He turned around holding… something… that glowed with a soft blue light and lit his face as he scowled at it and he worked at it with a screwdriver. “Also, I know more about you than you think. See…” and he took a deep breath. “I ain’t from around here.”

He set the device aside and went to another cluttered table and picked up a PaDD. He tapped on it for a few moments and then rossed the PaDD on the table next to her. He picked up the glowing device and said “And I know it’s not a contest. Never said it was. But Im not talking out my ass, either.” He turned around and didn’t say anything further.

On the PaDD was a personnel file… his. And the number of Security warnings scrolling across the top of the dispaly indicated it wasn’t a normal file.


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