Main Sim – Rainbow Clouds Casino on Gamma Tiltium IV

Posted Feb. 26, 2024, 6:31 p.m. by Gamemaster Wombat (co-Gamemaster) (Geoff Joosten)

The Rainbow Clouds wasn’t about sunsets. Not really, anyway, it was more about the beautifully colors of the nearby nebulas that shifted as the solar radiation activated different particles. However, on Gamma Tiltium IV, the Rainbow Clouds was also a very popular resort destination.

Friendly to everyone, the staff made sure no one was in want, and anyone who was too rowdy was promptly shown the door. This was an upscale establishment where you could play all sorts of games common through out the Federation, and a couple of Romulan games. The drinks were not watered down, but rationed so that people didn’t get too inebriated.

And if the buffets, drinks, and games of chance weren’t doing it for you, perhaps the full spa with various states of isolation and relaxation would. Want to spend two hours in your own private beach with your own private bartender? Perfectly doable! Hot stone massage and chemical peel? Also available.
The Rainbow Clouds prided itself on being the ultimate vacation destination for the whole family, or crew. Something for everyone, and the peek of luxury.
In one of the lounges, enjoying the show, was a woman and a couple of her compatriots. Locals, sipping martinis and laughing about something or another while eating pickled bird eggs.

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