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Adrian Sorel turned his face so she could not see his. He was silent for so long, probably long enough the teacher would think he was not going to answer before he finally seemed to come to a decision. “I was six when I underwent my second serious heart surgery, to try and rectify a congenital defect. Before that one my mother decided I needed to be educated on what the doctors would be doing so had me watch several graphic videos and a holodeck program like that. ” He said turning his head a bit to point with a quick jab of his chin toward the holodeck doors. “I was fine with it then. Though I was already sick of all the doctors and hospital wards. Two years later my heart finally failed. I was rushed into emergency surgery at Starfleet Medical where my entire heart was replaced with a biosynthetic one. My mother said I died on the way to the surgery, twice. For six months after I recovered from the surgery I had nightmares…of myself being in the holodeck surgery program…and not making it.” He finally stopped speaking to take a deep breath, like a cleansing breath.

Adrian Sorel

‘A respectable woman,’ Echego thought to herself, considering she would have done the same. Ignorance was damning. It was one of the few things she had come to agree with regarding the Vulcan culture. Clearly this concept had done serious damage to the young boy’s mind. “You never grow by avoiding your fears, Adrian.” Echego began, peering over to her student. “You have to learn to meet them head on and destroy them before they get the chance to destroy you.” A pause. “I understand you’re young, but if you face that terror now, it will no longer haunt you–control you–when you come to be your mother’s age.” Echego glanced over at those parting doors, their significance now greater than she’d ever thought them to be. “It doesn’t have to be today; it doesn’t have to be tomorrow. But the longer you wait, the weaker you become in its precense.” She turned to Adrian, briefly clapping his shoulder. “Take your power back, Sorel. It belongs to you–nobody else. If you can do that, you are taking the first step to conquering your life.”

Adrian Sorel glanced toward the closed holodeck doors and it did look like he wished to go in and face his fears but his skin tone took on a sickly pallor. His breathing picked up as he blinked rapidly.

Echego pulled back, straightening her clothes. “You may return to the classroom or your quarters to continue your project for the scientist, or you may stay here and I will stand by you until the surgery is done. If it becomes too much, you leave. No questions asked.” She casually folded her arms over her chest. “Which will it be?”

Ms. Echego

He finally shook his head and tears of shame glistened in his eyes.”I can’t do it…” He whispered. “I didn’t know it would be this bad still. Maybe I should see the Counselor.”

Adrian Sorel

Once the room had filled, Dr Jarvis took centre stage. It was customary for the surgeons of the time to explain the procedure they were about to carry out and since he now had a live audience, it only seemed appropriate. He lightly raised a hand and waited for a sterile quite to descend.

“The first successful attempt at open heart surgery occurred not long before the turn of last century. A patient with a stab wound to the pericardium had it successfully sutured by Dr Williams of Provident Hospital, Chicago,” Jasper began, easily recalling the chapters detailing the earliest cardiac surgeries on earth. “However, before today, no one has dared to attempt an operation on the heart valves themselves.” He strode over to the examination table. “The gentleman you see before you, suffers from mitral valve stenosis. I shall endeavour to locate the damaged valve and repair it.”

OOC: If anyone wishes to jump in and help me cut this poor sucker… I mean patient open, feel free.

Dr J. Jarvis M.D

OOC: Well, if you’re going to invite me…

IC: Drake stood up, and circled around to go into the doctor’s preparation area. He passed the open holodeck door. “Don’t be squeamish, it’s just open heart surgery.” He called.

He didn’t have time to don as much historically accurate garb as his colleague, but Drake emerged, dressed well enough for the part. “If I recall Jarvis, it’s been a while for you. Still remember where the mitral valve is?” He asked with a playful smile. “I’m here to help, if you need a guiding hand.”

-Dr Drake Marshall

Jasper gave the intruder a wry smile. He had grown used to the doctor’s petty slights by now and so simply brushed it off. However, his earlier comment of ‘Jasper the Ripper’ did have a nice ring to it. Perhaps next time he should make the scene a smoky back alleyway and the patient an unwilling streetwalker who had taken a wrong turn…

“Doctor Marshall, your timing could not be more apt. I need someone to operate the suction device.” He pointed to white metal trolly that housed a series of large glass jars. From one, a rubber tube passed out through a cork stopper and through a piece of apparatus with a crank handle; rudimentary if not archaic. Needless to say, there would be blood spilt when the jars inevitably needed changing. “I hope you work your biceps when you exercise.”

Dr J. Jarvis M.D

Ms. Echego

“I recall these devices from history books. I should be able to handle it. You’re really trying to find out at what point these people will pass out from the amount of blood… everywhere, aren’t you?”

-Dr Drake Marshall

“No, Dr Marshall, the blood is incidental. My interest lies purely in conducting this procedure using the simple technologies available at the time. Besides, the presence of the audience is simply to add the realism of the simulation. That and I did not realise that I needed to put a do not disturb sign on the door.”

Dr Jarvis then turned to the nearest nurse. “Nurse, please hand me the surgical knife.” He took one last glance at the pristine white surroundings. They were not going to remain white for much longer.

OOC: If anyone wishes to play the surgical nurse, either as their character or simply as part of the simulation, please feel free.

Dr J. Jarvis M.D

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