Psychiatric Suite - Nurse Khev arrives

Posted Dec. 21, 2019, 11:04 a.m. by Ensign Lena Khev (Nurse (Surgical)) (Sam Pennington)

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Posted by Ensign Lena Khev (Nurse (Surgical)) in Psychiatric Suite - Nurse Khev arrives
Lena had an incredibly brief meeting with Dr Marshall, who informed her she needed to be cleared by a psychiatrist to serve in the surgical department. However, Dr Marshall had said ‘compared to the rest of us, you’re as sane as it gets.’

Lena approached what appeared to be a reception desk. Very different from Romulus. “Ensign Lena Khev-“
“Oh. You’re the new surgical nurse. We should schedule boarding assessments by appointment. Let’s see how quickly we can get you in.” Lena waited for someone to call her back. She never particularly enjoyed feeling like a patient in the hospital she worked for.

-Nurse Lena Khev

A slightly harried looking humanoid soon appeared by Khev’s side. “I’m Doctor Darren, the Chief of Psychiatry. Your file was flagged as needing immediate clearance, so come with me,” she instructed, not waiting to see if Khev followed her into her office. As the door slid shut between them, she rounded her desk and dropped down into her chair, her posture remaining formal and upright as she clasped her hands in front of her on the desk. “Take a seat, Ensign. Is there anything you feel I should know as we begin this evaluation?” Khev might note that the business-like chief hadn’t bothered to offer her any refreshments. It could either be a sign of respect at wanting to get this evaluation over with or just a simple lack of manners.

Darren, CoP

“No, Doctor.” Lena responded briefly. The Chief of Psychiatry reminded her of a Romulan officer. To the point, not bothering to put people at ease. Lena’s record would read that she had been a prisoner in a labour camp for some years after the Hobus supernova. Upon escape, she arrived in Federation space, confronted by the USS Olympic, where she assisted one Dr Collin Harding in delivery of a baby boy. This act earned her the favour of Starfleet and she was quickly granted the right to serve, with the reference of her brother, Ael Khev, already a citizen and Starfleet fighter pilot aboard the USS Brian A. Olinski.

-Nurse Lena Khev

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