Side sim: Between Two Pulsars

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“Surgeons who get attached have breakdowns. I deal with a lot of life and death. If I stop and be chummy, I might get attached. One mistake, or just a fluke, and my new friend is dead. And it’s on me. I’m a jerk. But it’s so that I can save everyone from something a lot worse. Of course, it doesn’t help to come from an extraordinarily dysfunctional family.”

-Drake Marshall

Cai shrugged, “You can be politely detached and not so abrupt though.” He argued.


“Maybe you’re right. Seven years of surgery is a long time habit to break.” The silence that fell made Drake uneasy. “You like music right? Metal? I happen to have a Gretsch I’m not currently playing. Cherry red. You want it? Annoy the hell out of your sister. I mean Captain Taylor.”

-Drake Marshall


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IC: Cai stared at him. “You serious?” He asked suspiciously. The boy reached up and pushed his hood back letting his blue hair flop all over the place. He needed a trim truth be told.


“Yeah. I was in a band before medical school. If you want the Gretsch, it’s yours. If you need any help, I’ll still have a Melody Maker, I can help you out.”

-Drake Marshall

Cai looked suspiciously at the Doctor. “Why would you give me it?” He asked.


“I don’t play it much. I have more than one guitar. You’re interested. Pick your favourite.”

-Drake Marshall

Cai still watched him. After a few moments he said. “Fair enough…” and started to head away from the holodeck, he paused to check if Drake was coming along with him.

After a few paces, hands deep in his pockets he said “ Would you let me watch you in surgery?”


“Yeah. There’s an observation window for a rea-“ =/\=Doctor Marshall, report to surgical suite 3. Repeat Dr Marshall to OR 3.=/\= “Let’s go.” Drake said to Cai. =/\=Nurse Khev, meet me in OR 3.=/\=

As they entered sickbay Drake demanded “What do we have?”

-Dr Drake Marshall

“Skull fracture and subdural hematoma.” Lena answered. Patient is prepped and ready. Nurse and surgeon moved off to scrub up, leaving Cai to step up to the observation window.

-Nurse Lena Khev

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