Psychiatric Suite - Nurse Khev arrives

Posted Jan. 3, 2020, 7:27 a.m. by Ensign Lena Khev (Nurse (Surgical)) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Lieutenant Anastasia Darren (Chief of Psychiatry) in Psychiatric Suite - Nurse Khev arrives

Posted by Ensign Lena Khev (Nurse (Surgical)) in Psychiatric Suite - Nurse Khev arrives


“So far, I have only interacted with a few people aboard the Ogawa.” Lena said. “The main one being Dr Marshall. One of few people to see past my Romulan heritage, but for that, I traded an intense quiz on physiology and my ability to assist. As for outside the medical profession, I would like to be more one of the crew. But trust takes time. It would be nice to be in closer contact with my brother. But we both chose lines of work with hectic schedules.”

-Nurse Lena Khev

Ana smiled slightly in agreement at the last statement. “Well, is there anything that you would like to discuss with me? I think it might be worth to meet regularly to make sure that you are feeling supported by the crew.”

Darren, CoP

Something Lena wondered every day entered her mind. “When I got my nursing certification, one of the instructors who had administered the exam told me that my Romulan background meant everyone would think I had an ulterior motive. I think about her words a lot.”

-Nurse Lena Khev

Ana fought the slightly aggravated look that wanted to cross her face. Hadn’t they just been discussing how Khev’s Romulan heritage was going to affect her performance on the Ogawa? Why had this not come up before? What was with people saving these kinds of remarks for when she was about ready to conclude an evaluation? She had so many more questions about humanoid behavior and psychology that were not going to be answered at this particular juncture, so she forced herself to focus on the patient at hand. “What do you think about with regard to that statement?” she queried.

Darren, CoP

Lena arched one eyebrow, briefly appearing almost Vulcan. She looked young but she had been a nurse for 15 years, which by human standards, was a career. In that time, she learned when people were hiding emotions. “I stated earlier that it is my goal to become a part of the crew. It is my fear, at times, that Federation-born people will not be so accepting.”

-Nurse Lena Khev

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