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(Takes the chainsaw to the post)
The ship moved through the small aperture with the tachyon burst widening the hole a great deal more and at first nothing seemed to happen. But as the shielding made contact with the subspace barrier, effectively the ship became a battering ram.

The Ogawa shook violently and inertial dampeners struggled to keep the ship stable and power systems took the brunt of the impact as expected, overloading all over the ship. The shaking continued for a few more seconds as lights went dark and the emergency lighting kicked in.

Across the ship, the damage was extensive: the ship’s frame showed stress fractures but was still intact. Life support was down to 69%. 53% of the EPS relays had blown out across the ship and both impulse and warp engines were down. They were dead in the water. Subspace communications were down but they could likely cobble together enough power to send out a distress call.

But scans would show that the ship was back in regular space.

~Mischief Maker

M’Nalie blinked at Woods her ears quivered and her tail seemed to curl in a question mark. “As it happens Lt. I am likely safe for your allergies for while we may look like Terran felines in appearance genetically we are in no wY simular. If you have had symtoms it is in your head I believe the expression goes. As for working in conjunction with you. We are simular in our approach and skills and are good at getting things done. Sadly this causes some defiency in our pairing as we do not compensate for each others weaknesses.” Which she said just before they hit the barrier. She senced the resistance as the shields scrapped and suddenly hugged Woods to her just as the collision hit. Cradling him to her so that she wpuld take the hit when they both slammed into thedeck. When the ship came to a dead halt moments later the explosions stopped and gravity was restored she released woods. “I think we might of survived.”, She Wheezed out, in a it hurts to talk tone. Her fur was scorched, and a leg was at a odd angle a compound fracture caused ragged bone to protrude from her left leg. She wasn’t bleeding too much though. She sighed thinking she wasn’t going to be much use on repairs for a while, as shock started to drift towards unconciousness.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineering.

=^= All section heads, report in. Commander Brookes, report to the bridge.=^=

Willow Taylor

Mark entered engineering. “Someone please tell me we have a plan. Or at least know what’s wrong.”

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

M’Nalie struggled to stay concious, and managed a “nggg, “, as a responce. She strugled to a three point stance as her bleeding leg with the compound fracture wasn’t going to hold her weight. Athree legged hop later on wobbly legs and she had the fire extinguisher.. point, aim below the fire. She passed out before getting to spray and collapsed over the burning console putting ou the fire by simply covering completely. A definate case of whatever works engineering in practice.

Ensign M’Nalie Eshenti. Engineer.

“Oh everything sir,” Woods said nonchalantly as he tapped on his console rerouting power and attempting to balance loads. “I am trying to stop a catastrophic power surge as I think we are still producing enough power to power the ship but we don’t have enough systems on line to consume it.” He nodded to NE’s Ratchet and Clank. “Go manually bypass the valves in sections 4A and 5C.”

He paused a moment then pointed at the screen to explain to the CE, “We have nothing. Ok more than nothing. Life support is just above nothing, dampeners long enough to get us out but we have stress fractures here, here, and here.” He pointed at the major reported cracks then continued, “Even if we could get impulse or warp systems up, which we can’t, we couldn’t handle warp; we would break apart.” He then pointed to a different section, “Nav is down, comms are down but I have NE Hertz looking at the array panels to see if we can maybe get a distress beacon out.” He turned and pointed at another section, “Grav is maybe down on deck seven? I haven’t heard back from that assessment. Computer seems to be functional but I don’t know for how long and… well…” He motioned to Eshenti, “We have wounded.”

Lt. Woods

=/\=Pierce to medical. We have… whatever you may want. Before you say ‘priorities’, if you want this bucket fixed, send someone down here.=/\=

=/\=… Fine.=/\=

“Woods. Life support and gravity first.”

-Lt(j.g.) Mark Pierce, CE

A few minutes later, Dr Drake Marshall and Nurse Lena Khev entered engineering. They went first to M’Nalie and began scanning to assess the burns. “Nurse. Set the fracture and regenerate the damaged area.”

-Dr Drake Marshall

Lena did as instructed. One swift move and a bone knitter later, the fracture was handled.

-Nurse Lena Khev

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