Reporting for Duty

Posted June 28, 2020, 10:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Pilar O'Keefe (Head Nurse) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Lieutenant Drake Marshall (Emergency Medicine/Chief of Surgery) in Reporting for Duty (tag Marshall)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Pilar O’Keefe (Head Nurse) in Reporting for Duty (tag Marshall)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Pilar O’Keefe (Head Nurse) in Reporting for Duty
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Pilar walked into the main sickbay after the awards ceramony the night before. She sighed, she really didn’t like being on the Starbase, but that was where they were stationed for the moment. She looked around for the Chief Medical Officer to report for duty. The good thing about the starbase, sickbay tended to be a bit busier than on the ship, but the injuries and illnesses were more mundane. She tugged on her uniform and walked over to a console and signed in and looked around.

Head Nurse

Pilar fell into a routine quickly, she spent the first day or two on the Starbase doing inventory, because, well, things were rather slow. She was not used to being not busy. She also spent more time with Otana, working on her behavior. She was not seeing as much progress as she would have liked and was now swaying back to doing the surgery that they had discussed prior to arriving. Having it done on the Starbase was far more optimal than having it done on the Ogawa. It was still risky and Pilar wanted to make sure that it was the proper way to go. She knew that the damage could not be repaired. So many things to think about.

Head Nurse

Pilar sat down at the computer and began doing some research on the pros and cons of the surgery. She trusted her co worker, but she wanted to make sure that she understood the ramifications. She and Derrik were trying to work through this and they had had some arguments about it. Otana was always the focus of what they wanted and what would be best for her. Pilar continued her research and they would talk again tonight.

Head Nurse

Pilar sat down and began working on some reports that she needed to get done. She simply wanted to go back to her quarters and just sleep. She pulled up the scans of Otana’s brain scans and began going over the proposed surgery and the recovery time. She also looked at the complications that could arise from this. She pulled up a picture of her daughter and looked at that picture. She rubbed her temples and looked at the picture and sighed. She needed to talk to the Drake. She touched her comm badge =^=Dr. Marshall, can I talk to you in Sickbay?=^=

Head Nurse

=/\=On my way=/\=

A few minutes later, Drake appeared. “What can I do for you today Nurse Pilar?” He straightened his labcoat as he waited for the head nurse’s reply.

-Dr Drake Marshall

Pilar looked at Drake “We need to discuss the surgery for Otana.” She said “If we can do this while we’re here on the base that would be preferable.” She said as she looked at her hands and then back at Marshall “Her behavior is becoming worse.” She added.

Head Nurse

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