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The other NEs in the Infirmary began to shuffle about in a hurry as reports were coming in from all over the station about the mind altering substances that were spreading through the crew like wildfire.

There was reports of the “Queen and her throne” and still others about a missing carpenter. Stranger still there was one about a tea party in science. Had the whole station gone mad?!

GM Wombat

Pilar had hurried back into Sickbay from the holodeck while they waited for more people to help there. She looked around “What do we have going on?” She asked as she began moving people around and checking to see who was most critical first.

Head Nurse

OOC: Cross thread that should bring over the CMO –Ty

Because they were not busy enough with problems, the comm link chirped to life with a disruptive sound of a woman’s voice. “Commander Zeanar to infirmary, I have three officers who appear to be infected with mind altering substances. They will need to be beamed straight to you. Please make sure the transporters scan for bio-hazards and filter them out. And put them straight into isolation. I will follow shortly and lend a hand.”

Moments later, the CMO and two other officers materialised behind a forcefield.

Lt. Commander Ever Zeanar, CoP

She looked at the CMO and two other officers as they materialized, she took out her tricorder and began scanning them. Her mind wandering if they would also be good specimens for Dr. Jarvis’ work… She waited for the scans to return.

Head Nurse

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So can i confirm that the chief of staff and the NEs have been beamed into this thread from the hallways and Ty and Mel are planning on joining it?

Tyra are you playing one of NEs while Pilar is in the holodeck?

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The voice of Ensign Tell rang through the infirmary’s comm system. =^=Security t’infirmary. Captain Taylor is in very bad way. Need doctors, promenade, NOW!=^=

Ensign Ralin Tell - Security (Crosspost)

Alexis Bonner had just stepped into medical to report for duty. And chaos seemed to be reigning what should have been a calm and ordered place. Chaos did not good in any medical situation. She dropped her bag, grabbed a tricorder and a nurse and hurried over. “what’s the problem Ensign?”

Pilar heard the call for the Captain =^=I’m on my way Ensign.=^= She said and grabbed a med kit and headed for the promenated.

Head Nurse

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