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Detecting an… odd atmosphere on the promenade, Ralin ignored his groaning stomach for now, instead gently patrolling as he sipped away at his drink. At the rising of the music, his attention immediately focusses in on the group by the window. First looking around for handlers of some sort, he found no one seemingly around to look after the visiting party. A quick huff later, he found himself approaching the huddle and suddenly realised that several members of the group donned Starfleet attire. What the hell do they think they’re doing. He cursed internally. What sort of attitude to the uniform is that? What are those poses they’re pulling? Approaching and reaching to tap a NE on the shoulder, his instincts kicked in and he opted for a more dominant approach. He took one more large swig of his coffee before lowering it but raising his voice. “Starfleet personnel! What are we doing here?” Addressing the central figure as best he could from behind and while battling against the music, he continued. “I’m sorry about all this. Have you recieved a formal welcome to the station?”

Ensign Ralin Tell - Security

Willow turned her head and surveyed the man before her. Yellow. Yellow wasn’t a colour she liked, and a one. Perhaps an ace or a jack yes…that must be it, he was a Jack.

Ralin, having not had what he would regard as the visceral honour of meeting his new CO, did not immediately recognise her in the strange dress. The moment it hit him, however, he became the very image of docile confusion, his strength of presence vanishing instantaneously. “Cap-tain?” he mouthed limply.

“My attendants don’t not need to answer to you Jack…you may come. Sit with us while we wait for the white rabbit.” WIllow said fanning herself and turning dismissively back to the stars as the man playing the music started a new song.

Willow Taylor
Queen of Hearts

Jack? “Jack? No sir, we’re not yet introduced. My name is Ensign Ralin Tell. A’m your new security officer.” The ensign reflexively acted as if this situation were perfectly ordinary, having no instinct as how to otherwise handle it. Any attempt to alter his fixed expression of befuddlement failed miserably; it was still unchanged as he sat himself down alongside the ‘queen’. “I… I haven’t been briefed. Is this White Rabbit a diplomat of some sort? That’s why you’re dressed up, to match his customs?” Ralin had learned of the existence of rabbits during his few years on Earth but he had never seen one, and his mind certainly wasn’t collecting that obscure information while he remained as bewildered as he was.

Ensign Ralin Tell - Security

The Queen turned her head and looked mildly confused by his words. ”The white rabbit is part of my court, of course, and don’t you think my dress is fitting? Much more than what I was wearing previously.” she fanned herself. ”wine!” she called. ”bring wine!”

It was only at this point that Tell began to suspect that something was seriously awry. His only point of reference was childhood memories of the victims of those who raised him losing their sense of self and becoming delusional in the days before they would die of malnutrition. Naturally, the association shook Ralin to the core. He leaned in to his CO with a new seriousness in his eyes. “Captain, do you know where you are?” It was for nothing though, as she was far too distracted with the comings and goings of her servants too register the babblings of her Jack.

The NEs, glassy eyed and confused immediately rushed to bring some and returned moments later with goblets of the red stuff and cheese boards.

willow picked up a goblet and sipped and indicated that Ralin should too. The can’t he had tried to introduce himself as something they than a jack didn’t register with her, ”Tell me Jack why do you wear such a ghastly colour…surely red would be better…”

Now it was the ensign’s turn to babble. “Red. I. But I’m not.”

As she said this the database yellow alert seemed to go off and immediately her nose wrinkled in response to the colour.

Ralin’s head shot up to the ceiling as the amber light descended from above. He jumped to his feet but his attempt to centre himself and find his way to a station led to nothing as he hung limply on the spot, aimlessly waving his flask around. Was this some kind of bad dream? His head was spinning. Was he about to wake up?!

”What is that?!” she demanded and her attendant with the fan looked at the display. He paled and starting to sweat looked back at her.

”The yellow alert your majesty…” he all but whispered.

”yellow!” she demanded her face flooding with colour. ”YELLOW WHY IS IT YELLOW I DETEST YELLOW!” her tone lowered and a crocodile smile stretched across her lips. ”Fix it....NOOOOOWWWWWW!” she yelled.

No. He wasn’t dreaming. At least if he were, it wasn’t over just yet. The Trill found himself breathing frantically and forced himself to steady his breaths before forcefully smacking his combadge. His composure non-existent, the focus he required to carefully formulate a sentence was nowhere to be found. =^=Security t’infirmary. Captain Taylor is in very bad way. Need doctors, promenade, NOW!=^=

They scrambled again and after a few minutes the alert turned red which seemed to relax her. She turned back to Ralin as if nothing had happened, ”…isnt red better dear fellow?”

Willow Taylor
Queen of hearts

Ralin cursed again, this time well out in the open. His hands shook as his mind raced. If there were some threat to fight he would be fearless in the face of it but all he could see was his ill captain and no medics, the even darker lit promenade with haunting red illumination only serving to deepen the sense of nightmare. His shaking drew his attention back to his flask. Deciding to act on the single idea that had occured to him, he discarded the lid and shoved it under Taylor’s nose. “Coffee! Smell! Remembering?! Red is bad!”

Ensign Ralin Tell - Security

=^=I’m on my way Ensign.=^= Pilar’s voice came over the comms. It would take her several minutes to arrive on the promenade and find where they were “What’s going on?” She asked as she came up on the two. The red was disconcerting as she knelt next to Willow and began scanning her.

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