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=^=Cmdr Myqian, this is Lt Bonner. I’m the new AMO. I just left Captian Taylor on the promenade. She’s been inflected with lysergic acid diethylamide or psilocybin poisoning. Initial scans of her and those around her show a fungal infection. If you are able could you meet me at the the main medical bay?=^=

Lt. Bonner, AMO

Finally, some real information! This helped a great deal at least frame what they were dealing with, but wow, okay, not what she was expecting. If was fortunate that the XO had a medical background and she didn’t have to have anyone interpret that for her. =/\=Right, that explains a lot. Let’s convene there. Anyone you find who hasn’t been affected, direct them there. We’re going regroup.=/\=

Tija Aizala, though officially on med leave, had been on her way to the infirmary when Myqian’s voice came through the com. Tapping her combadge she said, =/\= This is Lieutenant Tija. I’m on my way to the infirmary now. =/\= As always her voice was curt and assertive. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but was adamant not only to try and find out, but also to help. She was a doctor after all and even with nothing going on she’d always found it difficult not to work. And clearly this situation required all the help they could get.

~Lt. Tija Aizala, Doctor (med leave)

Dira nodded, even though Aizala couldn’t see her. =/\=As are we, Lieutenant. Avoid physical contact with anyone and we’ll meet you there shortly.=/\=

Zoi had been waiting for an opportune moment to cause some mischief. =/\= Why Dira, it almost sounds like you care. I was going to go to the Bridge, but hearing your voice makes me think a night cap with you might be a better option. Poor Duvosa is covered in wounds.=/\= She nearly giggled at her exaggeration of Duvosa’s scratches from the rose thorns but didn’t. Instead she let out an exaggerated sigh that could be heard over the Comms. =/\= Im sure she will be fine though. Sooo.. what do you say? Night cap in my quarters? =/\=

Haven, CoS

The heat on Dira’s cheeks was furious for a brief moment until she reigned in her emotions. She was normally such a private person that the open and very public invitation had caught her off guard. She knew Zoi enough to know that she would never openly try to embarrass her, so she could only assume their Chief of Security was affected too. And that wherever she was, something had happened with Duvosa. She needed to make sure they were safe. She swallowed her embarrassment and didn’t dare look at Bob and the others. =/\=That does sound lovely, and I might be able to, but you know how this new job is. How about this? You go relax and I will do my absolute best to meet you there, alright?=/\= she said with a calm and friendly tone. Dira might be taking precautions if she did go, but she also might have to stand Zoi up, though she was pretty sure the woman would forgive her for it later under the circumstances.

Commander Myqian, XO

Thankfully, right about then, Oscar and The Walrus got to the Merchant Area. The Walrus was going on about foodstuffs - the exotic nature of clam chowder, and how certain condiments were better than others for oysters on the half shell - while CPO Cascarrabias was following along, a long-suffering expression on his face. Of course, this was behind the clear face plate of his isolation suit, and Oscar himself was green, so one had to be looking directly at Oscar to actually catch this. Truth be told, even though he wasn’t mad in the same way as the Walrus, the Walrus was going to drive the Grouch mad with his discussion of how incredible the addition of bay leaf was to seafood. When Oscar saw the group and somebody with a Commander’s rank affixed, Cascarrabias decided to try his best to communicate his continued sanity.

“Commander Myqian, thank you for the invitation, I’m. This seems like a rather pleasant party you’ve convened, of. We’ve just left one of our own, sound. I’m sure the Walrus here is intent on getting back, mind.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Right, fantastic. Well, at least they knew approximately how this… affliction was passed along so she was going to keep her distance. “It’s great that you could join us, Chief. We’re about to head out elsewhere and you should come with me, so perhaps the… Walrus would like to host a party in their quarters? Perhaps others will join?” she suggested lightly, as it if were the best suggestion yet! If they could just make it to the Infirmary without coming into contact with anyone, they might end up okay.

Commander Myqian, XO

A new voice came over the comm to Mason as Jenyfer tapped on her comm. Her voice was calm but there was an edge of urgency to it. =^=This is Lieutenant JG Lyset, the station’s virologist. Chief Engineer,=^= there was a pause as she glanced to the nearby nurse for the name she was seeking, =^=Chief Mason, the infected seem to have caught something from spores that are in the air circulation system. We recommend and sweep of the station to clear the affected areas and cordon off the worst sections for decom and to monitor and contain infected. Those with severe hallucinations can be escorted to sick bay. Protocols are already set here. And we recommend respirators and as much skin coverage as possible till bio suits can be obtained. Acknowledged?=^=


Outwardly, Myqian was calm. Inside she about wanted to scream in frustration. This situation was developing so fast and she felt like they were two steps behind. In short, there was little she could do but make sure the crew didn’t get up to anything dangerous. And she had no idea if she would succumb to this hallucinatory state herself. The odds seemed to be getting higher by the minute.

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Oscar couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The situation was getting more and more ludicrous by the second, as far as the Grouch could tell. If he had heard the station virologist correctly, Oscar was currently the only person in the immediate vicinity who was wearing an isolation suit, even though it seemed that everybody should be wearing one. Even more ridiculous was the fact that, given the nature of the infection, Oscar was possibly the one person on the whole station - well, maybe Oscar and the kid, given what they’d both had for dinner the previous night - who was completely immune to the disease. He’d never really been happy about his childhood, but his acquired immunity to fungal diseases never seemed so sweet.

Oscar, of course, being himself, and used to talking out loud to himself to bide the time, actually said, “Well, I guess I’m one of the people on this station with no worries at all - other than a fat guy who wants to eat some Ensigns.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Dira looked at Oscar and half shrugged, thought she stepped a half step back from the ‘Walrus’. “You’re probably right. Which means I’ve got a potentially limited time here to accomplish anything that we need to sort out. We need to get to the Infirmary, ASAP, and just hope those of us not in suits make it. Let’s find some emergency compartments and track some respirators.” She looked around their corner of the merchant deck. “There has to be one around here somewhere.” It was yet another frustration of working at a place that you weren’t actually assigned to.

Commander Myqian, XO

Cai meanwhile seemed confused. ”How the hell did they get infected with spores on the station?” he asked and looking up added. ”uhh question is it likely that any other ships docked or you know…trying to leave are infected too?”


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