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Posted by Crewman Joe Black (Dentist) in Main sim - Holodeck: The madhouse of the Jasperwock

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At that moment, over the general address system the cheery computer voice announced =/\= Attention Code Orange. Repeat, Code Orange. All emergency personnel are required to respond to their duty stations for briefing.=/\=

GM Wombat

Joe Black lay in his cell and cocked his head at the noise. Was it an alert somewhere outside of the holodeck he could hear? He wasn’t sure. Again he tried to call for some help. He restraints preventing him from moving far. He somehow managed to tangle himself up more OH BOTHER…

On the top floor of the large facility, in an office similar to that of a fictional nuclear power plant owner from yesteryear, the Jasperwock stood and stared out of the giant window. At the bottom of a long drive lined with trees, were the doors to the holodeck.

“We need to do something with our inmates,” one voice said inside his mind.

“Yes,” another agreed. “What’s the point of having them if we don’t make proper use of them.”

“Yes. We need to begin treatment right away. It’s all for their own good.”

The Jasperwock thought about this for a moment, before spotting a flaw in the argument, “what about our skeletal friend? We don’t even know what he is. How can we treat that which we know so little about?”

“Isn’t that obvious…” the first voice began.

”…we examine and if needs be, dissect him,” the second finished.

“Yes,” the Jasperwock agreed with this assessment of the situation. Striding across his office, he entered an old mechanical elevator; hidden behind a bookcase and began turning the handle. The old machinery creaked and wailed as it was forcible called into use and the elevator juddered as it slowly descended to the ground floor. Stepping out, he crossed the dimly lit entrance hall. “You two,” he snapped at a pair of large men dressed in the white uniform of orderlies, “come with me.”

The sound of helpless moans and insane screams was music to the Jasperwock’s ears as he strode through the facility and down to the holding cells. Along the way, he had his two goons, affectionately named Orderdum and Orderdee, grab an old, spindly gurney, with a scratched cream leather surface and well-worn brown restraints. It screeched horridly as it trundled along, the sound adding to the ambience. When they reached the cell containing the skeletal being, Orderdum turned the old-fashioned bolt lock, which creaked loudly and the door to the cream coloured padded cell opened.

“And how are we feeling, Dr Black?” the Jasperwock asked in his nasally tone, the dim light from the flickering bulb glinting macabrely off his thin, round spectacles.

Joe Black tried to turn in his tangle towards the familiar voice. DOCTOR JARVIS? I APPEAR TO HAVE GOTTEN MYSELF QUITE STUCK. PERHAPS, IF YOU WOULDN’T MIND ASSISTING ME DEAR FELLOW. he said unaware of his hosts madness.

Dr Black

Pilar heard Jasperwock coming down to Black’s cell “What is our next step Doctor?” She asked completely ignoring Black’s request for assistance.

Head Nurse

=/\=Commander Myqian to all USS Ogawa crewmembers. Report your status to me ASAP.=/\=

Commander Myqian, XO (Cross-posted from Merchant Area thread)

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GM Wombat

Joe Black for his part continued to struggle. DEAR ME THIS ISNT RIGHT NOT RIGHT AT ALL. WHAT DO HUMANS SAY AT A TIME LIKE THIS? he mused aloud HMMM I BELIEVE IT IS HELL? NO…YELP?… he continued to try and figure out what he was supposed to shout.

At this point the doors to the holodeck opened outside the walls of the dentists cell and two NEs tossed a third in before hastily backing away. The doors closed and the NE lay in a heap at Pilar’s feet.

”NO No!!!” she yelled and diet angling herself threw herself at the stone wall where moments before a door had been she beat on it with her fists. ”Please i don’t deserve to be sent here please my queen!!!”

Dr Black

Bump, Tyra and Iain

~My queen?~ Pilar liked the sound of that “Now dear. Just calm yourself. The doctor will be with you shortly.” She said an evil smile playing across her face. She turned to Jasperwock “Who’s first?” She asked him wishing that the infernal sound of the comms would stop “And do we make them think we’re fine or just not respond?” She asked

Head Nurse

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