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Posted Aug. 21, 2020, 2:42 p.m. by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) (Geoff Joosten)

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in OOC Sim Summary: Adventures in Starbase 157

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in OOC Sim Summary: Adventures in Starbase 157
The Story So Far…
The Owie, out of commission after escaping the events of the previous mission, is dry docked at Starbase 157 awaiting repairs. Little does the crew know that something insidious was growing in the air vents. After a few days and festivities the some of the crew have started to descend into madness, believing themselves to be part of the Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Thus far the members of the crew that have been afflicted are:

Achilleas Petrakos as the March Hare
Iyun Riani as the Mad Hatter
Brad Walker as the White Rabbit
Willow Taylor as the Queen of Hearts
Zoi Haven as the Cheshire Cat
Duvosa as a Playing Card

And those that have been exposed yet somehow remain unaffected are:
Dira Myquian
Oscar Cascarrabias
Joe Black
Jasper Jarvis

If you haven’t fallen into one camp or the other there are several threads you can participate in

If you have a strong preference to be afflicted or not shoot me a message and I can make things happen. I know a guy who knows a guy.

First a bump for our new crew who need to catch up with the antics of the crew! If you would like to be added to the list of the affected let me know so I can keep track of you! We can’t have too many Cheshire cats, that would be Mad!

Chapter 1:
The starbase has been thrown into disarray as the number of afflicted has escalated and grown more and more scandalous.

The XO and CE are making a move to secure the merchant area and move formulate a plan to contain the insanity plaguing the crew. How many have been snorting the good stuff?

Science has become the epicenter of the mad hatter’s tea party with the vast majority of the science staff having joined into the tea party being thrown by Ensign Riani and CSO Petrakos. There is clearly a dormouse missing. Who oh who could it be and what are they plotting? What is in that tea anyway?

The white rabbit has been detained by the the Chief of Psychiatry and a virologist, causing him to be late fore a very important date by transporting him to sickbay for an examination trying to get to the bottom of why everyone is acting so strange. In the end it doesn’t matter, he’s late and the queen will collect his head if he doesn’t make it to her on time.

Speaking of the Queen of Hearts, she has begun to hold court with a poofy dress and blood in her eyes. Don’t get caught wearing yellow if you seek an audience though! It will be off with your head and then you will be required to paint the roses. Who plants white roses on the promenade anyway?

The CSO with her Cheshire grin has started playing croquet in the Holodeck with some of the security staff. How are the going to respond to the Red Alert, wait yellow alert, wait was it code orange? Who knows!

Our crusty Chief, who works for a living, is having to deal with an overweight lieutenant believing he is a walrus, looking for a carpenter to enjoy his oysters.

The grim specter of the Jabberwock has settled in the twisted mind of Dr. Jarvis leading him to begin a series of macabre experiments on or with Dr. Black, no one knows for sure with Dr. Black.

Alice has been strangely missing from all of this. Is she the key? Where is the Caterpillar, that hooka must be behind it all! Try the oysters, but remember one makes you bigger the other makes you smaller.

Rogues’ Gallery
Achilleas Petrakos as the March Hare
Iyun Riani as the Mad Hatter
Brad Walker as the White Rabbit
Willow Taylor as the Queen of Hearts
Zoi Haven as the Cheshire Cat
Duvosa as a Playing Card
Jasper Jarvis as the Jabberwock

If you are interested in playing one of the following roles, let me know and we can get it worked out:
Playing Cards

Other Notes
Please continue playing through the madness until help arrives. For our new characters join in where it makes sense!

GM Wombat

The plot is gaining steam
So now the GM must sing
Here’s what’s been happening on Ogawa!
Now Willow is the Queen and quite insane
but maybe the XO can bring her back again
Which brings us back to Dira
Our hero plows ahead
Haven’s trying to get her in bed
And yet her energy is far from flaggin’
Bob is her one true Pal
Bringing along the Captian’s brother
The Grouch has figured out
How to make the threat moot
Its the isolation suit!
In science labs
We find find Solal keeping tabs
On our hatter and hare
Yet in a twist surprise
they want to take an NE’s Hair!
In the sickbay we find the rabbit
and the and the doctors looking for the gadget
Grayson, Bonner, and Zeaner
Work with Lynset hoping to find a winner
and be done with the madness by dinner
And so!
To to sickbay the saviors go!
But taking it rather slow
Will Willow kill her former COS?
Whose smile she can barely supress,
Can Dira still win back the station?
True, they’re more than likely through
Unless she can undo
That really crazy air flow
And Jasper is who-knows-where
Him and his awesome hair
Seeking to escape for a little while, and
Tell and Duvosa round out this deck
making sure the cure to wreck
Gosh! So much to dump upon your doormat
In our three month Sim format
There’s plot holes we must fill
And though I doubt we will
We’re gonna try on Ogawa!

GM Wombat

PS: Bonus points if anyone can tell me which song I poorly I adapted for this summary

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